A Little Taste Of F13 SP Challenges

Here’s an upcoming update on the future for F13 for single player challenges. The Video below shows some pretty gruesome ways to kill your victims in F13. These special kills from what we’ve seen in the video can only be described as gruesome. Jason stalks Adam and Bugzy from a far as they are trying to fix a car. Bugzy goes off ALONE to take a leak for lack of a better word, which in turn leaves him vulnerable to Jason. Jason Sneaks up on Bugzy proceeds to hang him up on a tree branch then pretty much shoves a tree branch into his dome aka head making him into a hanging unicorn. That’s what came to mind for me anyways. Secondly Adam is seen trying to repair a tire wheel on a car with the car jacked up with Adam laying beneath the rotor of the car on the ground, Jason walks over and rips the jack out from underneath the car with the rotor falling downwards decapitating Adam. Which when Paul and I saw this my facial reaction….PRICELESS. You gotta check this video out see for yourselves a taste of things to come in F13!

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