Supporting the Podcast

Hi everyone,

I wanted to write a brief yet long post to help people know there are ways to helping out the Podcast. One of many ways to help is merchandise, even just purchasing a shirt can give us some kinda small profit to help save to achieve those goals we want. Donations is another kind manner, it’s not really necessary but if you’d like to help anyway possible is by donating any amount. Lastly, is pledging to our patreon. No matter what pledge you choose, you’ll end up getting something awesome!

But if you’re looking for physical rewards, well pledging these amounts can get you the following things.

  • $15 gets you a signed Poster autographed by Paul, Tessa and Chrystello.
  • $20 and up gets you the signed Poster plus a Shirt. Email us your size.

There’s plenty of ways of helping and as of right now our goals to help get the Podcast better is by purchasing these following items to help get us there.

  • Game Desktop PC (Elgato)
  • Better Website
  • Designs for Merchandise
  • Wondershare Filmora

Thank you for reading this short but long enough post. And remember if you’d like to Pre-order our new design you can do so by clicking here, shirts will ship in March. And as always, Stay Scary.

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