Two Game Commentary’s

It’s been awhile since  Tessa and I sat down and actually recorded a game commentary for you guys, last time we did it was for PREY. Now how about two new game commentary’s while you wait for some more?

Even though this is an old video, I decided to re-download it from my old YouTube channel and re-upload it to our YouTube. This was our first take on Outlast 2, before we did the drinking episode on it.

TRUE FEAR: Forsaken Souls Part 1
Do you like puzzle games? You do? Have you heard about the recent release of this game for consoles? It originally came out October 19th 2016 on PC, and now it’s made it’s way to consoles. As much as I didn’t mind this game, but for consoles… if you’re a trophy hunter, you may wanna skip this one for now. Unless you don’t mind possibly waiting for a fix for a puzzle that you have to beat within a minute. Otherwise here’s ACT 1.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed the old and new game commentary.

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