‘The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema’ Book Review

Hey everyone,

Today we are reviewing a book called, ‘The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema’ by Michael Vaughn. Over 300+ pages dedicated to the strange, sex, robotic, and comedy zombie sushi. Which there’s never enough “zombie sushi”. As for now, please enjoy this write up for the book. Eventually we will do an actual Podcast Episode on this book.

Although this review may seem like I’m reviewing a review of films, but in book form. Which I have to admit has entertaining wording. Michael separates the strange cinema’s by category, making it easy to know what film you’re reading easier, for those that like or love that specific genre. Michael also gives his thoughts if their actually worth or not worth watching. Which most of these titles, are from Michaels childhood.

Now you might or may not have asked yourself (yet), why would someone publish a book dedicated to reviewing old and new cheesy and “Hollywoodish” films. Well Michael wrote this book, knowing that supporters (like us) believe that “real books will never die.”

Even though most the films in the book I have never heard of, due to the fact I wasn’t born till 1987. Makes it rather interesting to look up these films, or just the ones that catch my attention by how Michael describes the recommended classics. Like a few examples of some films I’ve never heard or heard of but never seen, that caught my attention, “For Your Height Only”, “Werewolves on Wheels”, “Yeti: A Love Story”, “Basket Case”. While having some I know like “Zombeavers”, “Bloodsucking Freaks”, “The Devil Bat” and “Mosquito”.

But not only is there reviews, you get exclusive interviews, more than 160+ photos, and quotes from people that made the most offbeat films ever. If you love the strange cinema films and want to know what else is out there that Michael recommends, this book is for you.

And even though I haven’t came across it yet, doesn’t mean Michael does indeed have it in the book. But everyone needs to check out “Rubber”, and if you haven’t seen that film. Well let’s say, let’s hope your car tire doesn’t shake and make you or anything around… explode.

Head over to Amazon and purchase your ‘The Ultimate Guide to Strange Cinema’ by Michael Vaughn today. And don’t forget to Like the book on Facebook, and follow Michael on Twitter for more strange cinema. And if you do any of the above, make sure you tell Michael Everything Horror Podcast sent you. Stay Scary!

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