Progress So Far

Hey everyone, I wanted to write this up in advance, as you read this it's been planed since March 22. I drafted this and added the progress when necessary, so now here's what has happened so far. Revamped the Web store to fit the needs of meeting. Created an Agreement Form, interested in helping? Contact... Continue Reading →

Find Us On These Platforms

Whats up everyone? It's another gorgeous Scarturday, no? Yeah it doesn't seem to be to freaky outside here anyways. Now I think it's time to write a post about where, you can find Everything Horror Podcast on platforms to listen to. I'm been updating things slowly, so if you happen to notice something is "new" shh ;)... Continue Reading →

Changes to Podcast

Everything Horror Podcast has been around for a year, within that year we have made changes. Added help to better the Podcast, made new friends, made this to step out of our comfort zones. Because we wanted to better ourselves, and needed a hobby to talk about our love for Horror, along with meeting great people... Continue Reading →

Team Addition: Sheila C Puregamer

Happy Scarturday, Hope everyone is good, but let's get right into business. I wanna give a warm welcome to our newest Team Member, Sheila C Puregamer. Who will also be giving you Game Commentary's as well. The more the better right? That's what I thought too, Sheila has helped and shown dedication to us that... Continue Reading →

Over “VERONICA” Hype

Paco Plaza known for his directed film [REC], comes his next masterpiece? So let's get right down the this movie's description. "Madrid, 1991. A teen girl finds herself besieged by an evil supernatural force after she played Ouija with two classmates." And from numerous sources this film is "so scary, that people have had to turn... Continue Reading →

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