Over “VERONICA” Hype

Paco Plaza known for his directed film [REC], comes his next masterpiece?
So let’s get right down the this movie’s description.

“Madrid, 1991. A teen girl finds herself besieged by an evil supernatural force after she played Ouija with two classmates.”

And from numerous sources this film is “so scary, that people have had to turn it off.” Maybe it’s more of the fact they had to turn it off due to the stupidity and not so appealing events to keep you focused and not fall asleep. Especially when it’s dumb teenagers that can’t work a Ouija board.


Tessa and I sat down while eating our dinner and decided to give this a whirl on Netflix, judge it for ourselves. Between us getting up to grab a drink, or more to eat while not pausing the movie should say something. Now with some bad choices, leading to especially more wrong choices later down the road, doesn’t make me feel smart or if anything, makes me want to slap the actors themselves through the screen.

And if that isn’t good enough, check out more details on IMDB.com.

So now let’s talk the positives for a minute like Sister Death, probably the best character period. I mean who doesn’t like a blind nun that can smell the demons that lurk around someone or anything for that matter. I just liked the way she was brought into film, even when the little sister told her that Sister Death was “staring” at her.


The other cool thing I thought was very well done. Was the scene in the bedroom with the demon shadow, I know it’s CGI but the way it actually moved and reacted to the posters on the walls just made it more realistic in my opinion. But as for the demon itself, I think like most demon films now, they show way to much of the entity itself. Rather than being puzzled and not show the creature makes the flick much more better, cause for us viewers it would act as a stage of fright of not knowing what “we” or “they” are actually up against.


In Conclusion.

Rating: 5/10

PROS: Demon shadow effect was well done, made it look realistic with the movements and interactions with posters like clawing them. Some of the soundtrack is actually well done with the creepy pianos or keyboards.

CONS: Stupid horror teenagers that don’t know what they’re doing. It’s just another Ouija board scare film like any other. Horror sites and people made this film way to over hyped, just to let other people believe “it’s so scary, that people haven’t finished it.” When it’s probably because they can’t finish it, due to the boring “over hyped” film like any other horror film.

Now for the final paragraphs, the image you see below is an actual scan of the police report, making it the first time ever a police officer witnessed something paranormal.


And what makes this more interesting is that a year later, the family of Estefania Gutierrez lazáro had spoken to TV about how there lives have changed.

“Today i bring you a story from Spain.
The year is 1992, and the story begins in the district of Madrid known as Vallecas (pronounced vayehcas for those who dont speak Spanish)

Laying in her bed, close to dying, Conception Lazáro, Estefanias grandmother, was striking out an cursing everyone in her family who was with her that night.
Just before she died, she spoke a few words to her daughter, words that she’d never forget again..”I´ll do you a lot of damage during your life”

A couple of weeks , something else would happen to the family that would bury them in darkness.
Estefania the familes 18 year old daughter, started to act weird.
Apparantly she’d started toying with spiritualism, toying with a quija board.
She suddenly began to suffer convulsions, ending in epilectic fits without reason.

The teachers of her schools told the police what happened one afternoon.
She and friends had been using a homemade quija board in the school fields, when, according to someone present, the glass they where using smashed into a thousand pieces. Seconds later there would appear a thick dark puff of smoke – a smoke that would then disappear up the nose of Estefania.”

Read the whole article here.
Another article here

The real story is always scarier than a film, because films can change or add or even just say it’s “Based On REAL Events.” When it doesn’t at all, which creates “fear” of the fact that it could happen.

I personally tried a Ouija board, but after my own personal experiences, which I may share in the future. But because of what I’ve seen, I stopped  touching them completely, not for just my own safety but for others. Ouija boards aren’t “children toys” and if used. They need to be handled with extreme caution. For you never know who or what you’re gonna contact.

I’m not saying don’t take the movie seriously, but it’s always better to read the actual story with the true facts versus Hollywood films. Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed.

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