Changes to Podcast

Everything Horror Podcast has been around for a year, within that year we have made changes. Added help to better the Podcast, made new friends, made this to step out of our comfort zones. Because we wanted to better ourselves, and needed a hobby to talk about our love for Horror, along with meeting great people like we have that we call friends. Not once did either of us think about this Podcast has a business, and it seems people have turned their imaginations into thinking this is now a business.

I will flat out honestly say, I fund this podcast myself. Along with my fiancé Tessa, we both or mainly I pay 100% of everything we do. Whether its for licenses, hosting, artwork, etc. We pay this 100% ourselves. Only ways we get funds, is if we get donations, patreon, or orders for promotional items.

Because of other people, I am saddened to announce resignations of both Barry and Chrystello from the Podcast. Due to personal reasons beyond our control.

As of now Tessa and I are in talks of once again revamping our Podcast. Sheila is still here wanting to do game commentary’s for you all, and I hope that one day Tessa and I can give more commentary’s as well. Thanks for supporting and as always Stay Scary.

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