“Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories” – Review

Whats good everyone? How about another review? This time we are reviewing the film anthology similar to those that have 4-5 short stories as well, like VHS, Trick ‘r Treat, Tales of Halloween and etc. I promise I won’t spoil to much, but you have been warned.

Since this film is roughly 2 hours long, I’ll try to stick with some of the short stories that I feel caught my attention the most. So without further a do, this is Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories.

Volumes of Blood: Horror Stories offers short stories from 6 directors, and 4 writers. While having a full cast to help tell the tales of blood. With that being said, I will add that even though I am reviewing this film. Down the road we may conduct our very own interview hopefully with both PJ Starks and Eric Huskisson.

signedcopyThanks PJ Starks and Eric Huskisson for signing!

But here’s just a little summary of what to expect. This critically acclaimed anthology sees a young couple planning to purchase an old home, but would like one last tour before the closing. They’re guided around the estate by a realtor that may have more in store than they bargained for. Searching floor by floor, they begin to discover seven tales of terror, that will leave you asking…How many stories does your home have?

This anthology offers 7 short stories that will either leave the viewers wanting more, or asking themselves if they’re even troubled? The titles for the short stories are…

  • Trick ‘r Treat
  • Feeding Time
  • Blood Bath
  • Murder Death Killer
  • Fear, For Sinners Here
  • The Deathday Party
  • A Killer House

Now from memory, I’ll list off what titles I enjoyed and then I’ll go into them just a bit to help understand what about those stories caught my attention. Of course Trick ‘r Treat, Blood Bath, Murder Death Killer, Fear For Sinners Here and A Killer House.

Trick ‘r Treat: I almost feel like I’ve seen this tale before? Either way I love it.

Blood Bath: Nothing like having a bloody time trying to shower right? Yeah that’s what I thought when the bath tub was eating everyone, especially leaving nice messages of letting the antagonist know that it was “Still Hungry”.

Murder Death House: Nice opener, but some acting could have been improved. But the practical effects 👍

Fear, For Sinners Here: I rather enjoyed this short story, it put a twist within a twist which you may not have seen coming? Christmas time with Black Friday doesn’t it shown enough into a horror story enough. Except reading about it in your local newspapers perhaps. I know I really enjoyed this tale for the twist.

A Killer House: Nothing like trying to go to a “Open House”, looking around the place and everything. I mean what bad can happen? While the couple walk around the house, each room set’s off a story it seems. But let the attendee running the show, “the cellar is the best for last.”

Cons: Two hours may lose audience attention, some acting could have been more believable.

Pros: Each tale was unique, soundtrack is great, practical effects were beautiful.

Conclusion: Even though what I stated above is what I found appealing about the stories, there is somethings about the film that could have changed. I think the first thing would be the length of the anthology, although I enjoyed it don’t get me wrong. But the trick seemed like the film wasn’t going to end, a film with short stories in my opinion should maybe run an hour and 20 or 30 minutes. Two hours seems to be pushing the time to keep the audience focused without making it seemed dragged out. The practical effects which seems to have if any CGI is well done, I am like 90% sure that there wasn’t any CGI at all, but then maybe there was? Either way the effects were spot on gory, and that was the treat.

SCARY: 7.5 / 10

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“Hands down, the most entertaining anthology in years.” & “Year in Horror: Top 10 Horror Films”
– Fangoria

Awarded the film “3 out of 5 stars.” – Dread Central

“Killer Anthology” and “Highly recommended as one of the most ambitious anthologies and independent horror releases in recent years…” – Halloween Daily News

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