What’s Inside? “BOX” – Short Horror Film Review

BOX is a 2017 short horror film written and directed by Lee Thongkham. Starring actor and stuntman Jimmy Dempster, who is known for The Originals (TV Series), One Night of Fear, Swamp Murders and Devious Minds.

BOX is a psychological thriller about a mysterious wooden box arrives on the doorstep of the Man who just committed murder. Not knowing who might have put it there or why, his only chance to escape from this nightmare is to open the mysterious box and prepare for what’s inside.

Lee Thongkham makes an incredible attempt at the old school 80’s grainy twisting and turns films, while keeping it simple with hardly any dialogue as the story comes to life. Flash backs help understand this man, and possibly why this random box showed up at his door in the first place.

Upon watching, which I don’t know if these films were inspirations to Lee, however I immediately thought of “CREEPSHOW” with The Crate, and the anthology film “XX” with their version of The Box. Which if you haven’t seen any of those films check them out.

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BOX is a great 30 minute short film that doesn’t use any cheesy jump scares, that Hollywood over uses in any horror film nowadays. It also uses enough dialogue (if any), to focus mainly on the story itself with atmosphere, which I believe does the talking within the universe of Box. It may not seem much, but what can you expect when you literally murdered someone who has just kidnapped you and is now trying to kill you for whatever reason, you would have done the same thing yourself if you were in “the man’s” shoes.

The box itself, is something you need to witness to appreciate. Like my other review, I don’t wanna spoil much more even though it’s like what to can I say versus not saying? I truly believe fans of the old school horror will enjoy this horrific adventure of what lies within the box, because we all have something to hide.

It’s best watched in the dark, lights off and sound up. Cause if you see a “Box” at your door. Question now is. Would you open it? Or keep it locked away?

BOX has also been selected for this year’s.


Pros: Rich story, old school horror done right, enough dialogue. The Box. No annoying jump scares. Atmosphere did the talking. Music.

Cons: Some lighting could may have been brightened.

Conclusion: Powerful story that would haunt you if this was to happen. Maybe it’s always a good idea to move forward, and not run. It’s an atmospheric horror adventure to be seen.

Scary: 4.0 / 5.0

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