“Automata” – Gothic Horror Film

Are you familiar with Hex Media? They are known for their latest release of “Black Gloves” that was funded via Kickstarter.

Now they’re trying to tackle something much more unique and sinister. This project is “Automata”which stars Jamie Scott Gordon (The Black Gloves, The Unkindness of Ravens), Erich Redman (The Danish Girl, The Illusionist), Jonathan Hansler (Axed, The Devil’s Business), Alexandra Nicole Hulme (Lord of Tears, The Black Gloves) and Victoria Lucie (Dartmoor Killing).

However the description that is provided via the campaign Automata see’s.

Dr. Brendan Cole is summoned to the sinister Blackhall Mansion to authenticate what might be the historic find of the century.  

Automata is a Gothic thriller, filled with spine-tingling twists and gut-wrenching dread that will linger with you for years to come. Our supernatural tale pits a lonely widower and his stepdaughter against a foe like no other, a three-hundred-year-old, life-size clockwork doll, known as ‘The Infernal Princess.’

The story offers antiques expert Dr Brendan Cole, who receives a mysterious call inviting him to authenticate whether the discovery might be ‘The Infernal Princess’, a legendary automaton that vanished long ago without a trace.

But it’s just a story, a myth – at least, that’s what Brendan has spent his career arguing. Yet, as the cogs begin to turn, the twisted machinations of ‘The Infernal Princess’ are unveiled, threatening the present through the power of its own dark past.

Soon, inconceivable horrors are unleashed upon Brendan and his step-daughter Rose, as one spine-tingling twist follows another, until the terrible truth of ‘The Infernal Princess’ is finally revealed, in a haunting finale that will linger with you for years to come.

What about the Villian you may ask? Well the team has came up with someone or something depending on how you see this ‘The Infernal Princess’. Which was considered so lifelike and uncanny in its day that it provoked fear and awe among all who saw it. During its unveiling in 1786, the clockwork doll performed five ‘great feats’ which were so incredible as to defy all explanation.

Its inventor was celebrated as a genius, until the first tragedy occurred… followed by another… and another…

But in order for this to see the light of day, anything helps reach their goal of $112k by May 9 2018 3:32 PM EDT. It’s ALL or Nothing….


You can listen to Interview with Lawrie Brewster by clicking here.

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