Just a quick little reminder, we are on Patreon trying to help raise funds to keep our hobby, the Podcast alive. We are trying to refocus on interviews, reviews and doing more game commentary’s and other type of episodes. We aren’t dead, but we aren’t producing enough for you guys. I almost feel like we are slacking a bit. But here’s a description of why we chose to do Patreon.

“To help Everything Horror to become a great source for horror enthusiasts, we would like to develop a website. The website would not only provide links to our podcasts, but also links to other Horror related items. In time we would like to see the website grow into a community for horror enthusiast.

Providing our listeners with high quality recordings is important to us. With your support, we will be able upgrade our existing recording equipment and deliver a higher level of audio quality.”

Right now funding wise we are aiming to help us provide for

  • Podbean Hosting (Achieved)
  • WordPress (Hosting / $100 a year)
  • Green Screen Kit
  • Better Website
  • 4′ x 4′ Banner (Back drop for Streams)

Meaning purchasing a better layout for site. We have found one theme that runs $70 for what we’d like to use. Remember you don’t have to “donate” or “support”, but even a $1 gets you rewarded.

Speaking of rewards for those that pledge for like $5 or lower, and if you even pledge higher. I am in the works of “Add-ons”, and I liked the idea. For example, if you were to pledge $1 but would like a shirt, if you “Manage Your Pledge” you can change it to $35, thats adding $34 more to help cover your shirt and shipping! Once you have been charged the $35 you’d then email us, let us know what shirt size you need and mailing address.

Another example would be adding $14 to your $1 pledge which would total up $15, to get yourself a SIGNED 11×17 Poster. And so on, we are looking at other possible ideas.

If you like what we are offering for you ghouls, please pledge or donate to help us to keep being scary. And we love the donations we have so far, thank you to all three pledgers right now!

Click Here to Pledge on Patreon
Click Here to Donate on PayPal

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