“One Night of Fear” – Movie Review

Inspired by True Events, “One Night of Fear” stars Jessica Sonneborn, Suzi Lorraine, Jimmy Dempster, Russ Forga, Jason Sutton and Megan Sweet. And was written by Brian Troxell (also directed film), Russ Forga and Johnna Troxell. Film was released in 2016.

The story is inspired by true stories from The Ocala National Forest (provided below) of how multiple Campers, Hikers have gone missing over the years with no trace of ever being found. 

“Over the years, other deaths have occurred in the Ocala National Forest, mostly accidental or from natural causes. In December, a 39-year-old man accidentally shot himself to death at a gun range in the forest while practicing a sport called “cowboy action shooting.”

In the past year, three other park visitors died of natural causes while in the forest, said Heather Callahan, a public affairs specialist with the U.S. Forest Service’s Tallahassee office, who recently has been working in the Ocala National Forest. Until this month, she said, no murders had occurred in the forest in the past five years.

In February 1994, two other college students were attacked while visiting the forest, and one was murdered.

John Edwards, a freshman at Florida State University, and his sister, Pam Edwards, a senior at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, were attacked by Loran K. Cole and William C. Paul after setting up camp at Hopkins Prairie. Edwards died after his throat was slashed and he was beaten in the head. His sister was beaten and raped, but survived. Cole and Paul were convicted of first-degree murder and other charges. Cole was given the death penalty and remains on Florida’s Death Row. Paul is serving a life sentence at Apalachee Correctional Institution, West Unit, in Jackson County.

One of the most notorious slayings associated with the forest was of Troy Burress, a 50-year-old salesman from Ocala whose body was found in August 1990 by a family picnicking in the Ocala National Forest. He was one of seven victims of the Central Florida serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

A prostitute who preyed mostly on truck drivers who picked her up while she was hitchhiking, Wuornos was executed at age 46 by lethal injection in Florida State Prison on Oct. 9, 2002.”
Source: GainsVille.com

In One Night Of Fear we see Rob, Katie, Jaclyn , Pete and Brittany out for a weekend in the woods. After Jaclyn witnesses her boyfriend Pete getting killed the group takes refuge inside a home inside the state park. There they must survive one night as they are stalked by an unknown killer.

Upon watching, I like true inspired event films. As long as there done right. Like to us Cabin Killing True Story movie “Cabin 28″, didn’t grab us at all, and really made us… want the actors dead sooner than when it happened. No offense.

One Night of Fear starts interesting with murdering a random lady that just barely tucked herself in her sleeping bag, which then proceeds to have the killer come and perform the infamous “sleeping bag” kill. Which I’m assuming it was put in as a nod to the Friday the 13th kill, or if they just put it in to make it look more disturbing? Which I’ll add that Jason Sutton did a great job as the “Killer”.

We then find a half naked lady (sleeping bag girl), somehow alive after the brutal beat down from outside. But you guessed it, the killer definitely has plans for this lady with a hand saw and a “fire poker” for lack of knowing what was used.

Only if Rob (Jimmy Dempster) searched the place first, but I guess they all had to, prepare somehow? Even if it meant Elmer (Russ Forga) had to step in. While Katie (Jessica Sonneborn) and Jaclyn (Suzi Lorraine) had cat fights, well not like fighting fighting, but word fights. Poor guys.

Without going to much more, I do wanna point out some things we enjoyed and where problems hurt the film. First off I’m not saying it’s a bad film, but like every film there’s a few flaws. But one thing that wasn’t flawed, was the music score it played.

I enjoyed watching this, for $10 on Amazon. It’s a nice easy going horror film that is a nice nod to the bloody naked slashing genre. Definitely rent or purchase.


PROS: Atmosphere felt right, darkness is a campers worst enemy with the lights on in a cabin. The practical effects especially Elmer’s death was brilliant. As well with the “sleeping bag” lady torture you first see at the beginning. Flashbacks (all I’m gonna say). Tells a story inspired by true events. Nice and easy going horror film, with enough practical effects to make you feel disturbed, and wanting to hold onto your body parts.

CONS: Some of the acting I thought wasn’t too believable. Why didn’t the Killer just go through window (it was big enough) with EVERYONE in there? I know he was playing with them, but I would have just rammed through. Maybe the killer knew there was alarms and there for didn’t wanna test to find out if it’d trigger the cops? Didn’t seem to have enough breather room when it came down to the Killer slicing and dicing, it almost seemed to strong when it starts until the end. But it does have some breathing room, just not enough.

CONCLUSION: For a 78 minute film, it’s quite good. Minus some of the acting at times that didn’t seem believable. Breathing room from the start would have been great with the killings as well, it felt a bit rushed with the killer tracking them down right off. Everyone did a nice job portraying their characters even if it was only 2 mins (Megan Sweet character). But it offered a nice touch to the real stories of hikers and campers that have been known to vanish at The Ocala National Forest.

SCARY: 3.5 / 5.0


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