“Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl ‘O’ Rama”- Movie Review

Released in 1988 and directed by David DeCoteau ,“Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl ‘O’ Rama” stars scream queen royalty Brinke Stevens, Michelle Bauer and Linnea Quigley.


On the night of the Tri Delta Sorority initiation, three friends Calvin, Jimmie and Keith discover the secret location where the initiation is being held. The three boys decide to sneak over to spy on the new pledges. Pledges, Taffy (Brinke Stevens) and Lisa (Michelle Bauer), are being humiliated and subjected to a paddling by sorority members Rhonda, Frankie and Babs, before being sprayed with whipped cream and then ordered to shower. The three boys sneak in for a closer look at the showering girls, when they are caught by Babs. Babs agrees not to call the cops, if the boys agree to help Taffy and Lisa with the next trial of their initiation. They agree and Calvin, Jimmie, Keith, Taffy and Leisa set out with the task of breaking into the mall and stealing a bowling trophy.

Upon entering the mall, the group discovers Spider (Linnea Quigley) who is robbing cash registers and pinball machines. Spider helps them break into the trophy room, where the kids steal a large trophy. Upon exiting however, they drop the trophy and a small creature exits a cloud of smoke, from inside the trophy. The creature announces himself as Uncle Impy and as thanks for releasing him, tells the group that he will grant them all one wish. Everyone, with the exception of Calvin and Spider, make selfish wishes, that soon turn bad. Unbeknownst  to the group, Babs, Frankie and Rhonda, have been watching them on the security cameras, Uncle Impy using his magic powers, transforms Rhonda and Frankie into minions and they soon begin to kill the teens one by one. Spider and Calvin, with the help of the night janitor, must ban together to lock the Imp away once more.

Good: If you like cheesy 80s movies then this one is for you. Big hair, bright colors, pumpin soundtrack and an all star cast of Bmovie stars. Brinke Stevens and Michelle Bauer are beautiful as ever and give a fun and great performance in their respective roles. Robin Rochelle as Babs is pretty decent too, she really plays up her character and seems to relish in tormenting people. The real star of the film though is definitely Linnea Quigley as Spider. Linnea is a scream queen legend, but for me its here that she gives her best performance. Spider has the best one liners in the film and does a fair amount of ass kicking throughout, but some of her best scenes are the ones with her and Calvin just hanging out. Uncle Impy is another highlight of the film. The puppet was limited in his movements, but had a nice look to him and his jive talking one liners were pretty hilarious too. The movie was shot in just 12 days, was relegated to only shooting at night afterhours and had to be cleaned up before business opened up the next mourning. This left the crew with a very limited amount of time, but they made it work. Though dark at times the movie looks great and sounds great.

Bad: As briefly mentioned before, the crew was under tight time restraints and an even tighter budget, which meant they couldn’t spend too much time setting up lighting. Scenes at times can be to dark to see anything. The camera work is a bit lazy, many times large chunks of the movie will take place between just two back and forth shots.  There’s a few times through out the movie, where actors and actresses are clearly waiting for their que before delivering their lines, which creates momentary spaces where they are just looking at each other, before going on with the scene. While the puppet was fun, his movements are incredibly limited. The costume design for the minions leaves a lot to be desired and the kills for the most part all take place off camera. Gore is very, very light especially for a movie like this.

Gore: Though the Gore department is light, we still get

  • 8 Dead Bodies
  • 2 severed Heads
  • 1 Fried Face
  • 1 Gutter Head
  • 1 Taffy Pull
  • Full Body Bimbo Burning
  • and 1 Car Crash with Ariel Flip

Final Thoughts: An extremely 80s take on the classic Monkey Paw story. If you can find it check it out. Its a fun ride that never takes itself to seriously. Fore warned there is full frontal nudity, but marks one of the very few times Linnea Quigley doesn’t strip down to her birthday suit. A true low budget masterpiece.

Cannibal Score: 4.0/ 5.0

Where to Watch: “Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl ‘O’ Rama” is now streaming on Shudder. Similar films “Chopping Mall” “Nightmare Sisters”


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