EHPodcasts Joins 12 NIGHTS OF HORROR

Hey everyone,

Here’s some cool news to share with you, Everything Horror Podcast has been offered to join up with 12 Nights of Horror. Which is run by Don Henry. Below I get a chance to Interview the Ghoul behind the Bumps In the Night website.

Don Henry also took the time to write a song for 12 Nights of Horror.

(The 13th night is #Halloween!)
Copyright 2018

By Don Henry
Donster The Monster
The Don of Horror

On the first night of #Horror a nightmare gave to me, Freddy in a bad dream! 

On the second night of #Horror, a nightmare gave to me,  2 Twins Staring… 

On the third night of #Horror, a nightmare gave to me, 3 heads spinning… 

On the fourth night of #Horror a nightmare gave to me, 4 knives stabbing… 

On fifth night of #Horror, a nightmare gave to me, 5 Copies of The Ring! 

On the sixth night of #Horror a nightmare gave to me, 6 priests a praying… 

On the seventh night of #Horror a night mare gave to me, 7 counselors a Swimmin…

On the eighth night of #Horror a nightmare gave to me, 8 Aliens a hatching… 

On the ninth night of #Horror a nightmare gave to me, 9 Dead Walking… 

On the tenth night of #Horror a nightmare gave to me, 10  Leprechauns a leaping…

On the eleventh night of #Horror a nightmare gave to me, 11 ghosts appearing… 

On the twelfth night #of Horror a nightmare gave to me, 12 Serial killers, killing!”

Interview with Don Henry CEO of 12 Nights Of Horror

Would you please introduce yourself and tell us how you got into horror?

Hi Paul,
Thank you for the interview! I’m very happy we got to add the Everything Horror Podcast show to our website,, on what we call “The Horror-Cast” Page.

I’m Don Henry, the founder and owner of 12 NIGHTS OF HORROR, LLC. However, I am called, by some of my fellow Horror friends, “Donster The Monster, The Don of Horror.”  A nickname, first coined on-set, making short Horror Films in the early 2000’s. Or just Donster!
I have always been very “into” Horror Movies, ever since I was a young child in the 70s and as a teen throughout the 80s. It was a great time to grow up as a Horror movie fan. I enjoyed books too, mostly anything Stephen King, but I was mostly into movies at the time.  I still actually remember the very first ever “pure” Horror movie I watched was a made for TV film, with Kim Darby starring, “Don’t Be afraid of The Dark!”
I was 6 years old and it was on the TV in 1973. My mom was out for the evening and the babysitter let my sister (5-yrs old) and I, watch it with her.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about these little creatures that live in this lady’s chimney. At night, she would hear them whispering, throughout the house.  Those whispers scared the crap out of me at six years old, but I loved it! I was hooked on the rush of bone-chilling fear! There were lots of Made-for-TV Horror movies back then and I watched them all. Another one I remember watch in that time was The Reincarnation of Peter Pride. A great movie, if you can find it. I really consider myself lucky that I got to grow up seeing the classics like, The Exorcist, The Shining, Halloween, Friday The 13th and Nightmare on Elm Street. I also worked in a movie theater throughout most of High School, so I really got to see all of the mid 80s movies in the theater, and for FREE, which was nice. I was one of those kids who didn’t care much at all for school or going to class. I’d rather be at the movie theater anytime, rather than studying or listening to my teachers (I should have paid more attention, I realize now. Too late!).
I was always had an over-active imagination and we would write and produce our own plays for my family and friends and also I would write my own short stories just for myself, like I was watching a TV show, but I was in control of the action. I didn’t realize, at the time, that a kid from Denver could do anything in the movie industry, so I went on to college like my other friends and graduated with a boring business degree (no offense) and waisted the next 25 years working for the Evil Corporate overlords (again, no offense)!  About 15 years ago, I went to the Colorado Film School (while working) and made several Horror short films and wrote a few screenplays, one of which was a finalist in Project Greenlight, then later optioned and was in “Preproduction” at Dark Castle, until they shut down the film projects for the VP of production after he left the company. It was titled, Fractured, and is still available if any Producers see this and want to read it.

How did 12 Nights of Horror start?

So, after Fractured having been optioned, but not financed, a few times, my goal became to retire as early as possible and pursue my passion of writing and doing something with my love of Horror movies full time. A couple of years ago, just for fun, I wrote a song as a parody of the 12 Days Of Christmas… Called, The 12 Nights Of Horror (See song below). People always ask me why not 13 Nights, which sounds more horrors, but I always tell them the 13th Night is Halloween! Also, 13 Nights of Horror has already been done. After I wrote the song, I decided to launch a Twitter account to promote the song, @12NightHorror, which has grown and become more than just a promotion of the 12 Nights song. It has become a promotion of everything Horror! This is fun, because I really enjoy all the sub-genre’s of Horror; Slasher, Ghosts, Demons, Supernatural, Aliens, Serial Killers, Humor and more.  So, after the Twitter site had grown to over 40k followers end of 2017, I decided I better start a website for it, which I just launched a couple of months ago.

How does it help connect with other horror fans?

Our tagline is, Connecting Horror fans with the Scary stuff they love!
The idea of the website is to connect all the Horror fans out there to all the Horror content creators, like, Free Horror videos with Horror films, Horror shorts, Horror Series! Also, with great scary items like Horror Books, Podcasts, Products, Music, Haunted Houses and more!  There is a different page/s for each of the different Horror Media categories.  The website still has a long ways to grow, but I am adding new media almost daily! Hopefully, I will be able to even hire some help in the near future. I am also currently obtaining a wholesaler so we can offer some of the most popular Horror-Movie products out there.  Then, in the near future, there will be a member-only access area on the website (it’s a free membership, you just have to submit your email for the password, for those of you who already have, you will be sent the password automatically when ready).  I can’t say yet what it is, but I will make an announcement later this year regarding it. It’s something that I think is unique and that Horror fans will enjoy coming to see!
I am also currently writing a Horror Novel for Young Adults, titled, Hallow’s School For The Dead. I hope to finish it, find a publisher and have it out by the end of 2019. Get the kids into Horror at an early age!

Since we are new, we haven’t been featured, before this article. But with all of our contributors, like your podcast, we get a lot of great mentions and try to promote them all too.

What are your top 5 favorite films?

Oh Yeah, there is also a page coming to with not only my top 100 Horror Movies, but actually my top 666 Horror movies of all time. My top 5 Horror movies, you can probably already guess a few… The Exorcist, Halloween, The Shining, Alien and Jaws. Yep, you can tell when Donster grew up! I hope everyone will come checkout the full list and then add your input. I will add a comments section and hopefully have a discussion room on the site as well.

Anything coming out you’re excited for and why?

We have a “coming soon” page with many of the trailers for the upcoming 2018 Horror Movies! Horror fans can easily come and see all the trailers for the upcoming releases, by date. I can’t wait for Halloween 2018 film of course! Also, The First Purge, The Nun, Slender Man, the Suspiria remake and 3 From Hell next year!

Favorite horror soundtrack?

Rob Zombie’s, House Of 1000 Corpses! I listen to it on a regular basis! Then also the soundtrack from, The Omen, which I don’t listen to often for fear of raising the Devil from the depths of Hell!  We have a page for Horror music, but it doesn’t have too much added yet. But will in the future!

Your top 5 worst films?

I can think of two right now. They are liked by many Horror fans, but I am not a big fan of any Found-Footage films (even if they were good, I think they’d been better, if they were filmed in a more traditional style).  I thought the ending of The Blair Witch was underwhelming. A nice idea, at the time, if you believed it was real footage. I did think it worked for Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield was good, but would have been better without the Found-Footage style.  Another Horror movie I didn’t like, the much more recent film, 2017’s “Mother.” I think the ending was too confusing for the viewers, so it lost any impact from the great performances and bizarre happenings, because it made no sense. Some people think that makes it an intelligent film, when people don’t understand it. I think no matter how unique a movie is or how great the twist is, the average viewer needs to really understand the ending, or it doesn’t work. There is no pay off.  Good uses of twists that pay off would be, “The Others” and The Sixth Sense. You understood what the twists are, at the very end and that made them satisfying!

What’s the Future for 12 Nights of Horror? Any final words?

We will growing and continue adding more and more Scary Frights Horror media to the website and make it a Horror-Community you want to come back to again and again!
Our motto:
“If you love Horror and Halloween, We’ll have a scream!”
Thanks so much!


Please check out the website, feel like Joining the Horror Family? Drop Don a email. Make sure to let Don know that Paul from EHPodcasts sent you!

Find 12 Nights of Horror

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