WEEN DREAM – Promote Horror Charity

PromoteHorror.com was introduced to ‘Ween Dream a few years ago and it inspired us to create a charity page on our site. We have tried to use our platform to bring awareness to this great charity and others, but now it is time to try to take it to a new level. We want to give  fundraising a try, and thought ‘Ween Dream was the perfect place to start. So what is ‘Ween Dream…

‘WEEN DREAM gives costumes to kids from all over America who are faced with unique challenges, including those with special needs, physical and/or mental disabilities, homeless children, kids living in poverty or at shelters, children with serious medical issues, kids in the foster care system, and kids who have experienced a recent trauma or natural disaster. You can find more info about them at  http://www.weendream.org and feel free to donate there as well! If you can’t donate money but have costumes available to donate, please visit their site and read how you can do that as well!

If you ever dressed up for Halloween when you were little, or even still today, just remember how fun it was! Not everyone has the means to enjoy this holiday, but ‘Ween Dream does their best to help give as many kids as they can a chance to experience Halloween at least once. So please consider donating clothes, money, or even just sharing this page or their site with others.

Being a horror related site, we think this is the perfect charity for us to support, as it brings Halloween, and kids together! We hope that fellow horror fans and other will feel the same, and support them as well.


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