“The Ballerina” – Movie Review

The Ballerina involves a man and his 9-year-old daughter that disappear into the swampy Virginia backwoods. Haunted by tragedy and desolation, they must both face the painful past if they are to ever have a future.

Written, Directed and Starring Steve Pullen plays the protagonist with the Pullen family (there’s a few other names with Pullen), which I’m assuming was a family film. With other actors that you can read via IMDB. Help bring this ghost story to life.

I also wanna add this review is from the physical copy of the movie.

I personally believe this film deserves some exposure for a couple reasons, that it’s an original story, it’s a ghost story, and the twist and turns. It will tug at your heart strings.

The story begins with the father (Steve Pullen) and daughter (Isabella Pullen) getting ready for what seems to be her ballerina performance. Once on the road, the father seems to be distracted by looking for some game (deer) as the passing car yells and hollers for nearly colliding with them.

Some odd reason, assuming to investigate the “Rednecks” area of hunting. Leaves Sophia inside his vehicle for “at least” 20 mins, well what could possibly go wrong? Well, how about those “Rednecks” coming back to notice Glens truck is there. Scoping it out while trying to break inside, Sophia attempts to leave the truck, losing the keys on the ground and locking herself out. I’m assuming at this point in time, it’s around fall near winter since you can see Sophia’s breath within the cold air.


It then fast forwards to Glen and Sophia now living inside a homeless camp, offering hospitality, schooling and more. While every now and then you see both of them hike to where they used to live to see their house being occupied by someone new. We also learn that while Glen was taking Sophia to her Ballerina Performance, that Glen’s wife, and three sons were involved in a car accident. Which would somewhat explain them being homeless, but not enough details to rely on, except Glen started a drinking problem.

Sophia ends up developing night terrors, where six ghosts from the forest come to try and claim her. While Glen is trying to do everything he can, a lady named Doe Peterson comes into the Homeless Camp, offering help for Sophia’s night terrors while comforting Glen’s from his past.

As we go deeper into the story, more dark shadows are brought into light. Because, maybe there’s more to the six ghosts than what you want to believe. And once the ending hits, I truly think this film will leave you satisfied from the twists and turns from Steve Pullen’s family horror film.

The Ballerina was released on October 20, 2017 and runs 106 minutes. 

Good: It’s original, with a great twist. Story is just amazing, the flash backs to help fill in the missing pieces did so much justice. You just connect the missing dots (unless you already did before hand). The idea itself, I DON’T want to say more. Trust me, it’s good, it’s an original ghost story waiting to be heard. I enjoy the poster and artwork for the DVD case (image at top). For subtitles, digital formats do offer them like Amazon.

Bad: While I like my movies with Subtitles, unfortunately this film doesn’t offer that. I had to watch this twice (wanted to watch it again anyways, so good) to learn possibly more dialogue I missed the first time around. There was part of the film, I felt needed more details. Like near the beginning of what happened to them to become homeless, notice trailer above. However as for the DVD, it offers no subtitles at all and when you try starting it. It seems there’s like a glitch problem during the second preview while skipping the trailer seems to fix it. I think they should have tested the discs more before releasing it on DVD.

Conclusion: This movie pulls the heart strings, and when the twist and turns come you better prepare yourself. These are the films that I believe help do the horror genre justice, not like what Hollywood does… wait… they haven’t done anything original for awhile… The Ballerina will take you through a tragic story filled with a deep secret.




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