“DARKEN” – Movie Review

I wanna thank Jess for allowing my fiancé and I to review the upcoming sci-fi thriller entitled “DARKEN“, that hits theaters June 29th in Canada.

 In theatres June 29 in Toronto (Yonge Dundas), Vancouver (Park Cineplex), Calgary (Cineplex Eau Claire & Landmark Country Hills), Winnipeg (Landmark Towne), Ottawa (Landmark Kanata 24) and Halifax (Cineplex Parklane)

Immersive companion VR experience in select cities – to be announced
Darken: Before the Dark prequel series available online now on YouTube


Directed by Audrey Cummings
From the producers of international hits “Slasher” and “Carmilla” 

Starring Bea Santos, Oluniké Adeliyi, Ari Millen, Zoë Belkin, Christine Horne, Jon McLaren, Dmitry Chepovetsky, Zehra Leverman, and Paul Amos

DARKEN runs a total 85 minutes of some amazing sci-fi thriller action, the lighting of the film was in fact inspired by Ridley’s Scott’s own Bladerunner.

DARKEN is set in a bizarre, mysterious, and violent unknown world with danger and death around every corner. After a young woman is accosted by a dying warrior in the middle of the street, a bizarre incantation propels her into the realm of Darken – a violent prison-like world of labyrinthine rooms, interconnected with no apparent rhyme or reason and no way of escape. As she fights for survival within this brutal place, she finds allies who are rebelling against the rule of a self-appointed religious despot who demands allegiance to an all-powerful god called “Mother Darken.” Eve and her allies must fight with everything they have if they are to have any hope of surviving the horrors Darken has in store for them.

Upon watching within the first five minutes, we fell in love with the music. Darken takes a nice turn on reality and mixes it with the possibility of “something more” when our light dies out in the real world. Darken is a world created I believe from fear and hatred of the “monsters” that exist outside from Haven (reality). As we learn from leaving the door open to entering the unknown world by simply just opening up one of our very own doors, it’ll take us to what is now a violent place to co-exist.

Tessa and I at one point were so into this film, that we were kind of saddened to see we were also nearly the end of this sci-fi film. To back track to where I left off from the paragraph above, we got to remember this isn’t Hollywood, but a Canadian film, which personally I haven’t seen that many films of there’s. I have seen another film called “UKM: Ultimate Killing Machine“, which took military soldiers to a whole new level.

Getting back on topic, Darken featured a female leading role throughout this adventure of survival, it seems within this world. You are either worshipped or in this case, a threat to the ones that weren’t suppose to see past the world of Darken.

Practical effects are used just a tad bit here and there with some deaths and then some interesting “turns of events”. Which I don’t dare to say, but maybe watching the mini series you can learn what really went on before the dark.

Within the hour and twenty five minute film, I can personally say, Tessa and I enjoyed every minute of this film. There was just enough CGI while main focus was the practical effects with a deep story that will make any sci-fi fan satisfied (I hope). Who is your “Mother Darken”? Because she can be anyone for everyone.

GOOD: Well thought out story, practical effects, atmosphere, soundtrack. Screw it, everything was good!

BAD: Fighting scene near the end is short. It was over within a blink of an eye.


CONCLUSION: Once you make it to the end, watch the credits till the end. They left Darken off for a possibility of another, which I really hope so, like we said above the atmosphere was spot on! Well done story, which I can’t wait to see what the world of Darken brings for the future.

The mini series is taking place BEFORE THE DARK, meaning prequel before the film DARKEN. It allows us to go into the world of Darken, to understand why people have no memories once they arrived. But tend to remember after a while, with newbies coming into the home of Mother Darken, people seem to be losing hope or faith for themselves and believing Mother Darken has abandoned her people.

Each Episode of this eleven episode mini series runs less than four minutes each, while keeping you hooked on wanting to learn more and more of how Darken Provides. We watched the film first before the mini series, and if you wanted to do the same then you’d understand the full length film a little better. However watching this mini series, does do justice of understanding the story better.





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