Horror Conversation – WIN Prizes!

Tune into DecayMag Podcast Season 8 Ep 4. Hosts Ken Artuz and Stacy Cox . We feature a cool collaboration roundtable discussion with our colleagues in Horror journalism Everything Horror Podcast & Possessed Radio We have four, yes 4 topics to cover in the field of Horror Thriller cinema. ALSO . We will be featuring... Continue Reading →

“Welcome to Hell” – Coming to DVD

Originally called "Tales of Hell", now has a new home with Wild Eye Releasing, Welcome to Hell will be coming to theaters and DVD October 9th 2018. A terrifying coven of tales designed to take viewers into the nether reaches of insanity, shock and horror. Stars Bill Oberst, Jr. (Scream Queens), Dmitri Schuyler-Linch (Step Brothers),... Continue Reading →

Mimi Page “The Lighthouse” – Music Review

"The Lighthouse" is an upcoming indie horror game developed by Shadow Knights Studio. This music review was requested by the lovely Mimi Page herself, which I hope this review does well. I real quick wanna thank Shadow Knights Studio for the opportunity of purchasing the physical copy of the soundtrack, SIGNED by the lovely Mimi... Continue Reading →

“Dead Shack” – Movie Review (Non Spoiler)

Dead Shack is a 2017 Canadian Horror/ Comedy film directed by Peter Ricq, who also cowrote along side Phil Ivannusic and Devilla LeBlanc ( yes those names are Canadian AF). Dead Shack stars Lizzie Boys (Summer), Matthew Nelson-Mahood (Jason) and Gabriel LaBelle (Colin). Other notable actors include Lauren Holly (Neighbor Lady) of Dumb and Dumber fame, Valerie Tian (Lisa) of Juno fame... Continue Reading →

Review: The House of the Devil; 2009

Imagine this: it’s the 1980's and you're a struggling college student, as most of us were, but you were able to find a job babysitting! Samantha, our main character in House of the Devil, is desperately seeking employment. After being stood up for an initial meeting with a mysterious man from a babysitting ad, he... Continue Reading →

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