“Leaf Blower Massacre” 1 & 2 – Movie Review

I would like to thank Anthony Cooney for sending us a copy to review, when it comes to indie horror film makers. I’d expect nothing less. I think a long ass time ago, I believe I said to myself something along the lines of “imagine a horror movie with a leaf blower.” Well I can safely say it happened.

Thanks Anthony!

Directed by Anthony Cooney
Written by Anthony Cooney and Michael Wade Johnson

Starring Ari Lehman, Kaylee Williams and many more.

.Leaf Blower Massacre starts as a short horror film, giving you twelve minutes of Leaf Blowing goodness. I mean who wouldn’t run away from a killer using that as a weapon? Trying to take this serious is by far out of the question, if this isn’t suppose to be a comedy horror of some type, well shit….

Anyhow after some good bloody violence and the opener to start Leaf Blower Massacre 2, there’s nothing more satisfying than seeing some practical effects fixed with a bloody good time. And for those wondering, here’s the full Leaf Blower Massacre short below.

Nothing like getting your teeth knocked out, getting blown to the ground before a good whack and how about beaten up just to get thrown into the trash? Oh wait don’t forget the kidnapping and possibly torture scene to come.

leafblowermass2For twelves minutes, I must say it’s quite good. I mean the idea of a Leaf Blower has a murder weapon has to be fun to watch, am I right? Make sure you watch the full short that leads into Leaf Blower Massacre 2 above. It is available via YouTube.

It’s a fun short, that will take you on a “blowing” ride.


We start LBM 2 with a bang, it’s more brutal and definitely “blowy”. A woman is tied down to a chair (which I’m not quite sure who this is) but like most beginnings, we usually don’t know who the random person is anyways.

The killer reaches for the Leaf Blower from the wall, as the lady is screaming, asking if the killer wants money or anything really just to let her go. But, the killer isn’t having it… As the woman screams we see the Leaf Blower I’m assuming get “plunged” into the ladies mouth with a bloody splash of awesomeness.

We soon learn that the man from the beginning is a teacher, while others seem to be classmates of his. Between everything that’s going on, you may not really truly understand who the killer is until the end. At least we get some nice girl on girl action before the “plug” is pulled. It wouldn’t be a horror flick without boobs, kissing and a good “blowing” time. Haha, see what I did there?


It doesn’t take long before the teacher thinks he’s seeing things outside while the killer is just standing there watching him. Rubbing his eyes since we saw that he made it out alive from the original (tossed into a trash bin after getting beat up). While the homeless man steals his wallet and celebrates the victory of successfully getting it.

It doesn’t take long for more kills with or without the weapon of choice, hence the name of film. We get some more bloody wall slams, punched to death or knocked out? Not quite sure which way it went down, to having the two lesbians get “leafed”. Maybe next time, you shouldn’t go down to the boiler room without someone and something to use as a weapon?


If you think these kills weren’t “blower” enough then you just have to see the bed scene is all that I’ll say. Nothing like a good wake up call haha.

Now with the cops, learning about the massacre using a leaf blower, they stop at nothing trying to pin point a prime suspect. You remember what I said above right? If not here’s what I said, “homeless man stole the teachers wallet”. Now that plays into the film now, after the police find the homeless man dead. Which of course has the teachers wallet at the time.

GOOD: It’s a film FINALLY with a Leaf Blower has a weapon, kills are satisfying, nice and easy film to enjoy while not taking seriously. Unless I’m completely butchering the “seriousness” of this film. Everyone will have a great Leaf Blowing time!

BAD: Some parts of the film seem to have low audio, almost like they couldn’t get the characters to talk louder or audio equipment didn’t quite pick up well. Unfortunately didn’t offer subtitles, but I understand it’s a indie film, most don’t offer these. Film isn’t available on Amazon, nor do I believe it’s on any digital platforms.

CONCLUSION: It’s great to finally see a “weapon of choice” I’ll say to be used as a murder weapon. If you wanna see the short film first before going into LBM2, everyone can watch it on YouTube. Maybe then this will convert you over to purchase the full length movie, that ups the gore, brings some sexy moments with lots of satisfying stuff. If you’re into stuff like this purchase your copy today, and if you do get a copy make sure to let Anthony know that EHPodcasts sent you!




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