Round Table Part 1: With DecayMag & Jed Brian (Unlisted Owner)

For our comeback we crossed over to within the last few weeks being special co-hosts of their show, now they’ve been invited to sit through our show. Also joining us is the man behind the Found Footage indie horror film, “Unlisted Owners” own Jed Brian, who also shares his thoughts and insights on the topics at hand. While this is Part 1 of 2 for this 3 hours long roundtable we did.

We discuss our thoughts and opinions on the idea of rebooting Chucky, that’s even if that’s the “Reboots” Dolls name. We take a peak at the upcoming comedy thriller horror Summer of ’84, sink our eyes on the beautiful graphics of the upcoming Call of Chthulu game, and finally end Part 1 with DecayMag on the hot seat.

In this Round Table Episode we chat.

  • Thoughts on Childs Play Remake…
  • Thoughts On Found Footage Genre
  • Summer of ’84 film
  • Call of Chthulu
  • Interview with DecayMag



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