“House of the Witch” – Movie Review

A group of high-school kids set out to play a Halloween prank at an abandoned house, but once they enter they become victims of a demonic witch who has set her wrath upon them.

Also with the superstition of mirrors, while urban legends of old “Witch Houses” for a good Halloween night scare couldn’t be a bad idea? Right….

Director: Alex Merkin

Writer: Neil Elman


Unrated | | Horror | TV Movie 7 October 2017
Also features the cast
Emily Bader Emily Bader Lana
Darren Mann Darren Mann Shane
Michelle Randolph Michelle Randolph Rachel
Coy Stewart Coy Stewart Dax
Jesse Pepe Jesse Pepe Brody
Arden Belle Arden Belle Taylor
Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
Grace Balbo Grace Balbo Girl
Nolan Bateman Nolan Bateman Lloyd
Joseph Curtis Callender Joseph Curtis Callender Officer Wilson
Robert Gerding Robert Gerding Diner Patron
Logan Greene Logan Greene Boy 2
Jules Hartley Jules Hartley Wendy Brady
Joel Nagle Joel Nagle Karl
Paloma Paulin Paloma Paulin The Witch
Hunter Trammell Hunter Trammell Charlie Rice
Keith Cox Keith Cox Mechanic (uncredited)
Braelynn Harden Braelynn Harden Young girl (uncredited)
Chad A. Little Chad A. Little Halloween goer (uncredited)

Let’s talk about the fascinating film at hand here called House of the Witch, which I wouldn’t use that fascinating word if this film wasn’t that good. A film I picked up at my local Walmart for $10, where horror films there are either a hit or miss. In this rare case since some titles I picked up to name a few that were a hit, “Martyrs”, “The Ballerina” and “The Awakening”. If not all the rest, that I won’t really name were a complete missed opportunity to have been something more than just a cheesy, boring, dragging film.

Back to the current title though, between the written story by Neil Elman to the director Alex Merkin made a “urban legend” of any witch house that you shouldn’t dare enter.

What I’m about to write with my lovely fiancé who also has her thoughts with this film as well which you will read below, and how House of the Witch actually worked as a film. It did however premiere on SyFy back in October 2017, which it is known as a TV Movie.


This will be a spoiler free review, which includes our thoughts and bring facts to you about the approach that was shown throughout the film. Enjoy, and I hope you’ll think twice about throwing eggs at any urban legends in your local area that involves an abandoned house that once belonged to a “Old Hag”.

Samhain, Halloween aka “All Hallows Eve” is known as the time were the veil of the world is at it’s thinnest between Our world and otherworld aka spiritual world. Whether you believe it or not, it lasts only 24 hours, but it allows the dead to walk amongst us.

You step over the witch’s threshold and seemingly it appears as if you’ve crossed over into the “Otherworld” the outside world can no longer hear your screams and pleas for freedom behind the walls, no one can hear you. As if the witch herself has cast a spell over the house making the outside world deaf to your cries. This house belongs to her; she wont let you go you’ve stepped into her domain and she will collect what she needs from you. This house isn’t just a house its an extension of her hand like a wand she uses her powers to create mazes, magical traps and the use of hexes to ensnare her victims.

Think twice before approaching abandon places you never know what haunts within the shadows of its walls. Do not take so lightly the steps you treed into places condemned; take heed in eggs you choose to sling at these places they may very well seal your fate.


Do you believe an entity can remember if you disrespect and desecrate its hollow or sanctuary? Do you believe that by doing so; it could enact revenge upon you should you choose to disobey?  What will the entity use against you? In the case of a witch they have hexes/curses such as pestilence- could end up covered in infected painful warts, or you could be endlessly searching for a way out with no end in sight, using illusions to play tricks on your eyes. If a mirror is covered its probably covered for a good reason and you shouldn’t tamper with it lest you lose a finger poking where you shouldn’t be.

Just to make this more interesting, covering a mirror can in fact help or uncovering can lead to unleashing something you shouldn’t have. Mirrors can also be useful in your very own homes. Because the deceased person’s soul can get trapped inside the mirror world and haunt the family. In some superstitions, the deceased will try and grab the souls of the living who look in the possessed mirrors. Mirrors can in fact not only cause a deceased person to be trapped, but mirrors can protect anything from entering your own houses. China believed that by hanging mirrors above their idols. Would help protect from any evil spirits who would enter their place of worship, the idea would be to have the evil spirit see their reflection and be scared off. This is also the reason why many people will hang a mirror opposite their front door, to protect the home by reflecting back any evil or negative energies.

Learn more by checking out this website here.

Even though this may not be the “greatest” review, but it’s meant to be non spoiler with facts and details behind true urban legends. It’s a matter of what kind of group of friends you’re involved in, and how you approach the unknown of anything, House of the Witch is a prime example of what could happen when messing around not only on Halloween when the spiritual world walks with us, but even what we could encounter anywhere, even inside abandoned buildings. Like I mentioned, House of the Witch will make you think twice before egging any local urban legend houses. Nor would you dare enter?

GOOD: First off I was very excited to have the option via the DVD Menu to have English Subtitles! Practical effects were very well put here, some CGI worked. Musical score was amazing (main menu). Atmosphere speaks for itself inside the actual abandoned mansion. The story plot itself was well thought out and good.

BAD: Some acting wasn’t bad, but some CGI definitely could’ve been removed or lessen to avoid the “greenish” effect.

CONCLUSION:  Tessa and I HIGHLY Recommend this film, it takes real legends, hexes, mixed with the legendary history of Samhain. House of the Witch is a place you will wish you never stepped into. Just remember, whether the “urban legends” you hear around your local area could be true, don’t egg any abandoned house that may have an entity that will remember you if you ever dare step foot inside. If any mirrors are covered inside an abandoned building, leave them covered or release something or someone that was trapped within the mirror for a reason.



  1. The house was old and 99% empty when production got there. EVERYTHING you see in this house was provided for by a tireless working Art Department led by Anthony Stabley. The only thing that wasn’t brought in was the Wheel chair in that classic scene. That was there when production arrived, we never moved it the whole time.
  2. The house is located in Lexington, KY. Much of the decor was already in the old, abandoned mansion. The props were added by the art department, with the exception of the wheelchair, which was already in the house upon the arrival of the production crew.
  3. Filmed in Lexington, Kentucky.

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  1. Love this format of movie reviewing. Images, trivia, cast list, rating Jack-o’-lanterns…. Very detailed review indeed!


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