Remothered: Tormented Fathers – Releasing On Consoles

That’s right the long awaited survival horror game known as Remothered: Tormented Fathers is finally making it’s debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One tomorrow (July 25th).

If you aren’t at all familiar with this game, it was originally on Steams Early Access. Which lasted for about a few months, it released on PC January 29th (if memory remembers right).

First off before I give a game description, Remothered Tormented Fathers is the first game of the trilogy that they are planning.


Rosemary Reed, a fascinating 35 year old woman, reaches the house of a retired notary, Dr. Felton, who is affected by a mysterious disease. The woman is greeted by Ms. Gloria, the nurse who takes care of the old man. When Rosemary reveals herself and her true intentions, the terrifying dread begins.

Rosemary’s investigations will bring her to believe that the disappearance of the man’s daughter Celeste actually hides a terrible massacre. Dr. Felton and his wife, Arianna, could be the only ones to know the truth, including the secret behind Celeste’s real identity and a fanatic cult of cloistered nuns in red.

Enjoy, if you don’t want to get it for consoles, head over to purchase it on Steam or check out the official website. Now I’ll leave you with a trailer below.

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