“3” – Movie Review

Lou Simon‘s. Writer, producer, director of “3” is about a man and a woman that kidnap her rapist in order to extract a confession, whether to bring hell or comes hell.

How far would you go to protect those that fell victim to get answers? 3 will take you on a roller coaster of a ride.

Dr. Jacobs, played by Mike Stanley is driving down the road when suddenly another vehicle with lights on and not started is just parked in the middle, blocking traffic. Well you could always try to go around? Honk the horn, or even just… move the vehicle. But that leads to a masked man, knocking you out with a cloth.

Fast forward to now the torture room, already this Doctor is confused when the interrogations begin. Trying to confess to a rape that happened a year ago, how often can most people “really” remember a year ago. Well, most can. “He” played by actor, Todd Bruno wants recorded proof of the Doctor’s confession of raping “She”, played by Aniela McGuinness. And will do practically anything to get that confession, even if it’s by force.

3+3What happens if you have the wrong fellow? Now you’ve been torturing someone that has nothing to do with this issue that happened a year ago. “She” tries to remember “He” to take his medicine, without it his anger get’s out of control and he does things he shouldn’t. Maybe, that’s some advice to take into consideration.

And that’s how the rest of will explode the viewers mind.


Who is really receiving the justice? Who’s actually the one to blame? Is the female faulting up with visions or is the male. We haven’t seen a revenge film like this since the 1970’s and Lou nails it, and everyone bringing the characters to life make it possible.

I’ll say it again, Lou Simon’s “3” will take you on a hell of a roller coaster. Lou takes revenge on a rapist in a whole new look, and at the end will leave you with a exploded mind. In conclusion, 3 deserves viewers full attention. A must watch!

Right now you can watch 3 on VOD and DVD is set to come out in September.

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