“Colina Legacy” – Gets Release Date

How many here remember COLINA Legacy? They released a Steam Demo, had plans. We even had a scheduled interview, but then from April 2017. They went dark, after a year later Colina Legacy posted there first image.


Now the time has come, September 13th. You’ll finally be able to answer the call.

While you wait. Here’s our very own @sheilacpuregamer playing the demo.

One thought on ““Colina Legacy” – Gets Release Date

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  1. Hi Paul,

    Totally my fault that we went dark. We ran into a lot of problems, both with development and publishing, and it took nearly a year to find the right team members to get it back on track. Now it’s released — after 3 years and nearly $1,000,000 to bring it to market, it’s retailing for $9.99 on Steam (10% off during Launch Sale! Only $8.99). Thanks for sticking with us and we hope the wait was worth it!

    CEO, Chance6


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