4EVR (short film)-Review

4EVR is a psychological, atmospheric short film about how guilt and grief can destroy a fragile psyche. Screenplay written by Joe Fordham and Directed by Sergio Pinherio from The Donny Brook and Flashfilms .

Dealing with grief from the loss of her brother, dark secrets resurface in unexpected ways upon Ginny’s arrival home. It opens on quick flashing images of a woman and a man seemingly arguing, then we switch forward to reality Ginny being escorted home by Alaster from her brother’s funeral. Ginny appearing void of emotion, Alaster hands her a picture of her and her brother as she stares at it he tells her its okay to cry. She thanks him parting ways she goes inside her apartment.


You hear the answering machine in the background from an auto company wanting to hear from Virginia (Ginny) at her convince more about the “accident” you see Ginny throw a bit of a fit at the machine telling it to shut up. After being home for a bit it seems Ginny starts to notice her “deceased brother” trying to reach out to her through the internet like Facebook commenting on a recent post “luv you bumblebee”, phone via text ” it’s me bumblebee it’s bear’ (there’s a picture in Ginny’s bedroom of her and her brother when they are kids Ginny (bumblebee) and Michael (bear),calls etc.

Can this really be her brother? or has her guilt manifested creating this illusion that it’s her brother trying to reach out her from beyond the grave.Is it all in her head? Is Ginny’s guilt getting to her from the car accident that resulted in Michael’s death?

This short horror film runs 13 minutes long. I did enjoy it although I kinda wish there was a bit more from what I could gather. Overall it was good in my opinion good cinematography, I liked the atmosphere as well. The story was good too in showing that “Secrets always come into light”.  If you like horror short films i’d recommend it.

This film has won awards for: 4evr

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