“Haunted to Halloween” – Ends Nov 1St [UPDATED 9/04/18]

It’s starting soon! Tessa and I first “Creepy Couple” charity. It’s entitled “Haunted to Halloween”, which goes from Sept 1St to Nov 1St.

The meaning behind Haunted to Halloween is from the death of my father. He passed away on the 16th morning of Sept, leaving behind memories he NEVER got to see.

It’s mainly “Haunted” me because he passed in Sept, my birthday is in Oct, his birthday is in Nov and then you get Christmas. That’s why it’s entitled that.

We’ll be doing Twitch Livestreams when we can, not every-day like last time. Our channels are..

  1. http://twitch.tv/ehpodcasts
  2. http://twitch.tv/wolfqueen_85

Tonight will be the start, kicking off with the game for “Lust for Darkness” on PC. 7pm EST. Over at EHPodcasts Twitch.

Donations can be made at http://bit.ly/h2hcharity, and we are allowing others to help support and be a Haunted to Halloween as well. If you’d like to support more, head over to our Banner page and scroll down to get the banner and info there as well!

As of right now giveaways won’t start till October, but here is an idea so far for goodies.


As of right now we are 25% of our $200 goal. And down below I’ll keep up with posting some video clips from Streams we’ve done in support of the charity, while showing some cool “Highlights”.

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