“Blood In the Woods” – Book Review

JP pulls you in to the madness that is the backwoods Deep South. From the very beginning you feel like you’re a part of Jody’s life. Pranking and sassing your way through some pretty tough times.

The prologue sets you up for a twisted tale of Devil worship, God fearing church members and teen angst. From full moon drum beats to cow carcasses and black robes, you’re drawn, page after page, to find out what or who is behind the mysteries in Hammond. Twisting your way through Jody and Jack’s 90’s childhood, a sprinkling of sadness and just the right amount of gore.

While exploring the forest, Jody and a friend find something disturbing. Unfortunately, they aren’t alone. In a game of keep quiet or else, Jody and Jack must protect the ones they love.

This coming of age novel is everything you’d hope for. Just the right amount of dark humor, mystery, sadness and excitement. It will take your breath away, make you cry and make you fear the dark.

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