“Are You Afraid of the Dark?” – TV Series

Before August 1992 when Are You Afraid of the Dark hit the states, it was originally released on Halloween 1990 in Canada. The series lasted for 7 Seasons with 91 Episodes, which comes down to exactly 13 Episodes a Season. Don’t they say 13 is a “lucky” number for a reason?

Who can’t forget being frightened or enjoyed of the fun times with episodes like The Laughing in the DarkThe Tale of the Frozen GhostThe Tale of Dangerous Soup or even the two part Tale of Cutter’s Treasure. Maybe it wasn’t just the episodes to really “spook” us, maybe it was just the theme song itself.

Are You Afraid of the Dark lasted for 10 years before ending with the final tale that aired June 11 in 2000, Tale of the Night Nurse. From then it became available on digital platforms, finally being able to watch what I call the “Good Ol’ Days” TV. Nothing like these children grow up and watch nowadays. I mean, what happen to scaring your kids at a young age?

But, in 2017 they released a film that was submitted and approved by the Midnight Society. This film became known as Are You Afraid of the Dark: A Tribute. Released on Halloween 2017, which this time offers

The Midnight Society returns for a new tale of terror. It follows a young boy, Christopher, as he stays for a weekend at his grandpa Jasper’s house. What he doesn’t know is his grandfather has more than one guest for the weekend.

That was mainly it, until now. From the screenwriter of The Conjuring will give us a new dark taste of the beloved Nickelodeon classic we all grew up loving. In fact, Are You Afraid of the Dark: The Movie is in production and does have a release date set for October 11, 2019.

Head over to YouTube and Watch Full Episodes on the Official AYAOTD channel.

Otherwise grab the Seasons on DVD today!

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