“A Haunting” – Getting a Reboot

Back last year we interviewed the CEO behind Enyx Studios, at the time getting ready to launch Halloween 2017, there game A Haunting: Witching Hour.

It was released with the hope of people enjoying the idea at the work, unfortunately for some it fell through.

Tessa and I sat down and did a video recording of our time with one of the latest updates, which included a new type of entity. This time, this entity took the form of a little girl that was missing one shoe, also wearing a sheet over herself.

Now Don took to social media, which has been quiet as of late. And released the following announcement.


The initial launch of A Haunting was not what I originally envisioned for A Haunting so I am happy to announce it is getting rebooted to follow the original storyline I came up with over 2 years ago. A lot of changes were made to that original script to fall within budget restraints and other things, but I’ve decided to remake A Haunting to be what it was originally meant to be.

This time around, this will be one of the most unsettling VR experiences to date. It will not be for the faint of heart and will certainly not be something for children to play. It will push all the boundaries and will leave some having nightmares.

I will be posting more details, but the reboot will follow the story of 5 film makers who travel to Shady Hollow to do a documentary about the curse of the Hollow Creek Witch.

We did get a 3 hour long chat, with Don Hileman as well. Lots of info at the time about VR, his game development and much more.

If you’re interested in the reboot of a haunting, make sure to keep up with everything on Steam. Or follow or like Enyx Studio’s for more.

A Haunting: Witching Hour Steam

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