“The Barn” – Movie Review

This is a fun, indie horror Halloween film. Taken on a “local legend” that involves three demons from Hell, that come and eat the flesh of the living to drag those back to hell.

The Boogeyman who is a Miner, Candy Corn Scarecrow and Hallowed Jack which is a Pumpkin. They get summoned by knocking on a specific Barn, and once knocked they will reign hell upon those who knocked on the Barn.

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The only problem I found within the Blu-ray copy of The Barn was that it only offered Spanish subtitles, no English at all. I’m glad it didn’t have any or just enough quiet scenes that I could understand and hear everything, for those of who are reading that don’t know is that I’m part deaf and I prefer watching movies with Subtitles.

In conclusion, The Barn offers a nice take on local legends and how following the rules of Halloween, or your own rules you make up from researching old rule traditions can save your life. And possibly not end up having your face carved like a pumpkin, grinded up to become a burger, just have your eyes gouged out and hung up like a scarecrow.

The Barn could become a Halloween tradition.

The Barn II Indiegogo


With the above said about the original, how about a sequel? Right now head over to Indiegogo and support the funds to help make The Barn II. Click Here to Support.

If you are interested in The Barn order your copy from Scream Team Releasing. Where you can also grab the soundtrack on 2CD’s or Vinyl.

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