“Halloween” – Movie Review [SPOILERS]

Before reading, please note there will possibly be spoilers. Therefore reading beyond this is your own risk.

Above was the first trailer to help “kick off” the big “hype train”. Of a film that was satisfying and unsatisfying. When my fiance and I walked in, and even before then, we both didn’t get to pumped about this film. We both wanted to have the film “speak for itself” sort of deal.

This takes place 40 years after the original, and therefore doesn’t acknowledge Halloween II and onward. According to both Blumhouse and John Carpenter, it’s the direct sequel to the original. While nodding to the original, H3 and H20.

What the above means is, Jamie doesn’t have a son, now has a daughter. Michael was supposedly captured after first film, which I don’t remember that either. Unless it was in the novelization. Pretty much the ONLY film that matters right now is just the original Halloween.

Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let’s begin. First off the musical score is spot on, John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter and Daniel Davies gives a new feel to the Halloween Theme we love, giving it a bit more creepy and sirening effects that make your hairs stand up. Here are some tracks to help state what I’ve said above.


Paul: The Atmosphere of Haddenfield was there, giving us the real look at what Trick or Treating is. A good time, getting candy while running into Michael Myers. The nice nods like the sheet, hanging on the wall, and the trick or treaters masks. Jamie Lee Curtis of course did an amazing job acting as a over protective mother / grandmother. Her preparations for Michaels return.

Tessa: Great musical score aka soundtrack. I like how “laurie” was prepared for Michael to escape. Examples fallout/trap shelter. Sealing off rooms after she cleared them (Genius really). She had an armory in her basement. After going back through my mental notes and you pointing it out because I was clearly having a “blonde moment” the omages to the other Halloween etc.


Paul: As much as I loved the return of the original The Shape, which was acted by none other than Nick Castle. Unfortunately I felt like he showed have had a bigger role, since he was returning 40 years later. It’s pretty much the ending of H20, so why they didn’t call it H40 should be a question, like the stupid annoying one “How did Michael learn to drive?” A lot of built up horror didn’t achieve the way horror is meant to scare you. Yes there’s a few “jump scares” if you really are that “scardy cat” person, but for someone like myself, the horror really wasn’t there. Also it seems there making Michael have a body count in films now to try surpass others like Jason, Ghost Face, Freddy and so on.

Tessa: Like we agreed didn’t explain how Michael was captured because in the end of the first he disappeared from the ground after being pushed out a second story window *poof* vanish. How he came into the new doctors care (that guy was a real winner fan girling over Michael). Didn’t like the sherriff from the first getting killed off even though kinda saw it coming



It’s not a horrible film, but it wasn’t really satisfying with some annoying characters that I’m glad Michael killed off, the atmosphere was terrific, soundtrack was spot on, Lauries “trap house” was a excellent idea. But some built up scares and same ending as H20 makes it an “okay viewing, but terrible”.

Halloween is in Theaters Now

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