Help Raise Funds for Billy Pon [UPDATED]

Scream Team Releasing, known for the new home for Indie films have made a fundraiser to help Billy Pon aka Bloody Bill. Diagonised with Stage 4 Cancer, the Horror Community is helping out with Bill’s hospital funds.

So what can you do to help benefit the funds? Well luckily Scream Team is offering us a chance of owning Circus of the Dead which stars Bill Oberst Jr as the creepy Papa Corn.

100% of the proceeds from this sale will benefit Billy Pon and his ongoing medical fees for cancer treatment. This item will begin shipping on December 7th.

There’s two ways of helping or donating, whichever way you want I’m sure Bill will love the support. So head over to Scream Teaming Releasing to purchase your own DVD of Circus of the Dead for $10 now. Or head over to GoFundMe and donate any amount there!

OR visit the website of Circus of the Dead and purchase a DVD, Blu-ray copy. 

Also on our Instagram post where we tagged Bill Pon, he mentioned once you hit the CREDITS to keep watching past them. 

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