Treevenge – Indie Horror Film Review

Christmas trees ripped out of their forest plan revenge against people enjoying the holidays.


Jason Eisener


Rob CotterillJason Eisener


Jonathan TorrensSarah DunsworthMaris Morgan | See full cast & crew »

Treevenge won Best Short and Audience Awards from Fantasia Film Festival.

Treevenge will take you on a little Christmas ride, but what if Tree’s could talk to one another? What if tree’s could plan an attack on humans? Treevenge answers all of that.

Get stoned, high or both and watch this. If you’re sober you will still wonder why you are watching this 16 minute short film. Here’s some samples of the film and then judge the movie yourself. Full length YouTube video is below, enjoy this very angry christmas tree madness of violence. 

The only issue I found with this film is some of the lighting. Other than that it’s a very cheesy interesting hilarious take on christmas trees coming back to revenge there ways of “trees”? It’s def a fun little ride.

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  1. I always thought about what the trees would be thinking about cutting and decorating them. This is definitely a cool and funny take on it. This being in the horror genre suits the thoughts very well.


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