Special Christmas Round Table: Black Christmas / Silent Night, Deadly Night


Black Christmas is now what I consider a cult classic. Made in Canada with a budget of $620,000, it’s the type of Home Invasion that the Sorority Girls didn’t have a take part in. The only thing’s that still lay a mystery within this film, who was the this maniac that went back to his home? What happened and how did it become what it was, a safe place for ladies. Or so that’s what they thought. This film relied on practical effects and actually won 2 awards, which with horror films nowadays you don’t really see as much.

Silent Night Deadly Night is another classic, once tried getting banned but it never succeeded. Made within America on $1,065,000 (estimated), which in the 80’s that’s a pretty impressive amount. Billy who once was a nice child, was forever changed when he witnessed his own parents murder from a man wearing a Santa Claus suit. Only to be abused and raised from an Orphanage with Mother Superior who thought, teaching to punish those that are naughty at any means necessary. Could that really fix a troubled past? Or could it possibly trigger it to make Billy go on a rampage. 

On this Episode we had Stacy Cox and Ken Artuz from DecayMag.com. And Dan Lee, from Danno of the Dead.

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