Special Christmas Round Table: A Christmas Horror Story | Krampus (2015)


The last Round Table of 2018, Paul and Tessa welcome newest member Tristen Notte. Tristen has joined up with Everything Horror Podcast, and is now part of the horror family that involve our friends over at DecayMag.com. Within this discussion we talk about two films that came out in 2015, one is the anthology film bringing stories to tie into one big story, A Christmas Horror Story. And the finale we discuss Michael Dougherty’s version of Krampus, with a story that tells of a lady, long before this present day in the film, made a horrible regret. Now the Shadow of Saint Nicholas has returned to take away once again.

Within this final Round Table of 2018 we had Ken Artuz and Stacy Cox from DecayMag.com. Paul Dulski, Tessa Baker and new member Tristen Notte from Everything Horror Podcast. And we discussed both wintery films.


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