Friday the 13th – Reboot Coming 2020?

Since films are being rebooted as of late, especially with the latest installment of HALLOWEEN. People have been wanting to “revive” other franchises, especially “Friday the 13th”. Remember when we were expecting one in 2016? But thanks to the opening weekend of RINGS, which made shit, canceled the plans for the following years revival of seeing Jason Voorhees back on the screen.

Now, LeBron James own SpringHill Entertainment are in talks to with Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment. With a writer already in mind, Victer Miller. The man behind the original film, Jason X and Friday the 13th The Game.

Storyline is has follows according to
“Reboot of the classic horror film which will premiere forty years after the original.”

Once again, another film to take back forty years after the original. My thoughts now are how? and what the fuck? It seems the new “trend” for reboots, remakes or whatever are taken the “40 Years After” approach from the Originals. And this time, Warner Bros will be landing the film. Which I’m not a fan of that company period.

And last question remains, who owns Jason Voorhees? Simple, Victor Miller after he won the lawsuit that was going on. Read more about the lawsuit that is now over here.

As much as I am against reboots/remakes I will gladly admit I really enjoyed the 2009 film. Are you looking forward to this? Or do you feel Jason has over stayed his welcome? Leave your comments below.

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