The Harrowing – Movie Review

“Haunted by the ritualistic killing of his best friend, a vice detective determined to discover the truth goes undercover into a forensic hospital and is plunged into his own personal Hell where demons might be real.”

The Harrowing is directed and written by Jon Keeyes, and stars Matthew Tompkins, Hayden Tweedie, and Arianne Martin.

We see Ryan Calhoun with his partner Jack Myers at the beginning talking with some people about how old and who these girls are, within a short step out as Ryan was making a call, that’s when a break out begins. From there it seems Ryan and his partners were addressed to investigate a forensic hospital.

The story really turns when Ryan visits a bar, just to then be seen talking with his wife about his progress to being a patient within the hospital itself. They say once in a hospital brainwashing begins, and here is a good case of it possibly. Ryan who is trying to convince Dr. Franklin Whitney who he works for and what he was trying to investigate.


Within the hospital Ryan meets patients that claim to have seen this “man” that haunts there dreams. In reality, things become more wrong and much less hazy. Especially when everyone around Ryan starts to lose memory of who he is.

Practical effects seemed to be the biggest focus in this film, which I gotta applaud. Computer graphic images (CGI), seem to really be the biggest focus as of late. In “The Harrowing” you get a nice look of blood, dismembered corpses, creature costumes that which at one point in time is CGI, but it works for that particular scene.

At the end of the film, it will leave you wondering who you really are. Everyone has demons that they hide, but it’s how you face them. Monsters are real, this film shows that we all have something hidden inside.

Yes, I highly recommend watching this film, “The Harrowing” is the next supernatural thriller you want more of.

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