“Everything Horror” – 2019 Updates

Couple things we’ve ran into and now wanna take it further, and within this post you’ll learn the updates amongst us. This time things are getting scarier.

  1. New ABOUT page which held no bars.
  2. New MENU look with drop down options.
  3. Updated CREW (under About) list.
  4. Looking for 1 Volunteer to help.
    Use CONTACT and select Hiring.

Now if you’re looking to schedule a interview or review, please have a press kit. We have had several attempts without information regarding films and games (so far), which went NOT so good. We’d like to avoid this for the future. Sending a email without a press kit link doesn’t hurt your case, but I will politely ask to “keep us posted, when you get a press kit.”

Schedule a Interview or Review by CONTACTING and selecting either, “Interview” or “Review” from the page’s drop down list. You can provide the press kit link within the comment section.



I’ve added some new BANNERS to help out promoting and advertising our site on your websites, twitch, or wherever you’d like to show support.

We are still offering pledges over at our PATREON, otherwise if you want to DONATE a little bit you may as well. Everything Horror Team appreciates your support either way.

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