Silent Hill Requiem – Movie Review

Silent Hill Requiem is an independent film written and directed by Gareth Morgan of Zenithfilms. The story is about how the “Otherworld”, a fog-filled nightmare realm that judges the guilty of their sins, has broken free of its boundaries in Silent Hill and is now infecting the entire planet.

Now an unknown force has brought back the survivors of Silent Hill 2, 3, and 4: James Sunderland, Cheryl “Heather” Mason, and Henry Townshend (respectfully) to try and stop the nightmare once again.

While I may feel sorry for these unfortunate souls and the task that lies ahead of them, it’s nice to have an excuse for me to join up with my old friends once again. Silent Hill has lacked a canon story that brings old (and newly-diagnosed with PTSD) characters together. Will they all survive?

The storyline is made for the fans first, although it is easy enough to understand for those of you that may not know the history of Silent Hill, and you won’t be able to stop watching until you know what happens next. Silent Hill Requiem even has puzzles for my favorite characters to solve, a throwback to having to use your brains as well as your navigational skills in the games.

Gareth Morgan devoted four years of his life to carrying out this project – being very fortunate to work with stellar actors and actresses that have brought my favorite characters to life. The graphics, the blood-and-gore, and the sound effects in this film are insane…so hopelessly insane that you can’t even imagine!

If you really want to be scared then try watching it alone in the dark, you won’t be disappointed. (Although that’s for wussies only, not for hardcore horror fans like me, haha)

The atmosphere in Requiem is very accurate to the Silent Hill video-game series.

Sound wise – there are over 40 artists that contributed their work to the soundtrack of Silent Hill Requiem including Warmer’s “Don’t You Worry Love” from the album, The Tragic Evolution of Desire, featured in The Cat Lady, Isserley’s “Messes”, a remix from the album, Messes and Marina Makarova’s songs “Play” and “Sneg m 1” specifically made for Silent Hill Requiem. All of the music in Requiem is terrific, giving the same spooky, moody, ambient sounds you’d expect from the Silent Hill franchise. If you know a lot of the music from the first four Silent Hill video-game’s soundtracks, then you’ll immediately feel at home with the styles in this film.

It’s hard to describe exactly what the music is like…but it’s very guitar-like, not to mention intense.

This film is the work of a genius that knew what Silent Hill fans wanted. He invested his time well in researching the detail-rich universe of Silent Hill keeping Requiem’s story relevant to the established canon of the games.

In my opinion, Silent Hill Requiem delivers a great Horror Action Adventure movie that doesn’t drag its feet, filled with lots of easter eggs/references/analogies to reward those rewatching Requiem over and over. If you like a dark and depressing type of film then you should get this one. It will leave you with an odd feeling of satisfaction at the end.




I have to say a big thank you to those that donated and contributed to help Zenithfilms make this film, I know that really helped in empowering Gareth to put his all into making Silent Hill Requiem and it really shows.

For me, I can easily give Requiem a solid 10/10.

With a digital release of Silent Hill Requiem available to own now, Gareth is also working on a DVD/Bluray release with lots of additional content, including a Making of Documentary and a Gag Reel. Use this link for the most recent news on that – Zenith Update

Also, Gareth has plans for a sequel project ‘Silent Hill Lazarus‘ (teased at the end of Requiem) and needs your help to raise a budget for it. Donate here to get yourself a copy of Silent Hill Requiem and in turn, help raise the budget for the sequel, which is poised to be a 12 Episode web series.

And don’t forget to check these links out for more Zenithfilms stuff:

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  1. This is a very detailed review and I like how even the posters are given attention here. such small things are very important for the fans of Silent Hill. Definitely a must watch for not only a Silent Hill fan but also horror fans. The artistic style of the movie is also a lesson for any film maker. Gareth is a very talented film maker!

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