Interview: Patrick W Boyer Jr – Creating Practical Monsters

**FOREWARNING** Some echoing occurs, apparently Katie’s energy was coming out which seemed to show a few bits and pieces throughout this interview, hopefully it isn’t to distracting.

Patrick Boyer started FX at a young age, inspired by his mother. Now on Everything Horror Podcast he chats with us about his work, what his latest creations were. Least favorites and what to expect, we also let Katie Kensworthy talk about how Partrick and her met up. It was a nice interview, I tried my best to tune down echo but unfortunately technology and energy leak out and cause some problems. There’s also next time, but for now I hope you enjoy Patrick’s Interview with us, and we look forward to have him back on again.

Also please give a warm welcome to newest Everything Horror Podcast Member, Katie Kensworthy.

To see what Patrick has done and more, visit BONEMAN.TV for all the latest projects.

To keep up with everything AfterMidnight FX make sure to Like Katie’s Facebook Page.




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