Cherokee Creek – Movie Review [UPDATED]

“What starts out as a million dollar trophy hunt at Cherokee Creek for the legendary Bigfoot, quickly turns violent when they realize that the mythical creature is more prepared and dangerous than they ever anticipated. Some weeks later, a group of friends decide to throw a surprise bachelor party for their friend in these very woods. After some wild partying and a few unexpected twists, our group finds out the truth about Cherokee Creek and the very territorial beast that roams these woods. Equal parts vulgar, gore and comedy Cherokee Creek is a can’t miss tale of debauchery and sasquatchian horror!”

What starts the film is both “Kidnappers” telling the viewers, who purchased or rented this film there appreciation. However, if you pirated this film like most people do nowadays which hurts the industry of literally making anything. Whether this was a film, music, art or really any type of art form, in today’s world. Movies get stolen and then, get put on sites that fuck over Indie Filmmakers. So don’t worry, there’s a nice message for those “butt pirates” which is aiming at those that steal the film, and rather not support the three years of hard work that was put into creating this monster of a film.


From here, after we watch two Hunters try there luck of bagging the Creature. We see two men drag a male into the very woods and beg for his life. Within these woods, they didn’t see the NO TREPASSING and those who Violate will be Fined. Because of the Rednecks hunting the Bigfoot Trophy, so anyone could be mistaken as the WANTED Mammal (when dark outside). Indeed, the Kidnappers are actually the man’s friend who then states it was all part of a plan for his Bachelor’s Party.

Without going into the story more, I’m gonna dive into some moments that lead to why this film, that will “offend” you? Well, maybe if you, yourself get offended so easily of anything and everything. We watch men be men, drinking, having fun camping even though a Park Ranger shows up. However, the party picks up with some strippers and one boss you don’t want to be late on returning his girls.


The Bigfoot we see in Cherokee Creek, which I will throw out there it’s a real place. It’s nothing bad toward the Cherokee Indian Tribe, it’s just based on A REAL PLACE. Back to what I was trying to say, this Bigfoot is nothing more but good ol’ Practical Effects. And this Bigfoot, is terrifying. I myself wouldn’t want to run into this guy, because it looks like he wouldn’t care what he rips off or claws.

We also see the males become inpatient, which leads to the girls becoming late. Since another payment is expected, Vinny and Jinx, toss a coin for a stripper to get some fun within the woods. Oh yes, there is more comedic elements here as well, and yes doing anything sexual in the woods is always a recipe for a bad ending. With that being said, right now go support Cherokee Creek. It’s an amazing good 80’s throwback with nods to films we are also familiar with, like during the “begging for his life” scene, the Kidnappers mention Boondock Saints.

My final thoughts about Cherokee Creek film is the most “Offensive” enjoyment of a 80’s throwback to date. Highly recommend that you will have a good time with it. Todd Jenkins out did this comedy, horror, campy type Bigfoot film, and with it comes practical effects without using the dreadful CGI. It’s original and not the bullshit remakes, reboots that Hollywood wants to cash grab you in.

And for those like myself, who would love to own a hard copy. We all need to help this film out, without our help we may not be able to hold a copy of this offensive fun film.


After the Horror Genre Fans have raised there voices, Amazon re-adds Cherokee Creek back on there roster. That makes 5 platforms to watch this great indie film.

Watch. Rent. Buy.
Don’t Be A Butt Pirate.
Support Indie Horror.

YouTubeiTunesVudu | GooglePlay | Amazon

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