Aiming 100 YouTube Subscribers

YouTube, a growing platform that can hold videos and share moments with everyone. From trailers, reactions, films and more. However, for Podcast’s like ourselves. Well, it can seem, a bit hard. Especially when YouTube changes there “guidelines”.

We are aiming to hit 100 Subscribers, why? Simple, we just want to customize our YouTube Channel’s URL. Rather than having this ridiculous long gibberish of letters, symbols and etc, we just want something simple like

This video above is the latest and newest version of our “Meet the Podcast”, where as almost two years ago. Was mainly just messed up editing, and not so much good looking quality if I may say. Video below is the original compared to the video above.

I hate asking for favors, but this is one I definitely would love help on. Please subscribe to our channel by clicking here, share with anyone or everyone who loves the horror genre. Let’s make something together, like a collaboration of some sort. And if you have multiple accounts, maybe you could subscribe to us, using those multiple accounts.

Thanks for your time reading this brief article about hitting 100 Subscribers for our YouTube Channel, and I’m looking forward to hearing back and making you guys have fun. And as always, stay scary.

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