Secret Window – Movie Review

Secret Window was released in the US in 2004 where we see Johnny Depp take up a role that we have never seen him play before.

The film takes place in the secluded areas of Maine. Writer Mort Rainy (Johnny Depp) is getting terrorized by an unknown stranger named John Shooter ( John Turturro). Shooter accuses Mort Rainy for plagerizing his story “Secret Window”.

What I like about this film is it can be described as a cult classic. We see Johnny Depp in a way we’ve never seen him before. See certain actors can take up multiple roles in a film and actually pull them off pretty nicely. Johnny Depp is one of those actors for sure.

The only thing I’m upset with is we didn’t get a sequal. I would of really enjoyed another installment of this film. The budget for this film was forty million. In the box office it made ninty-two point nine million dollors so I don’t really fully understand why we didn’t see more of John Shooter.

For those people that are into mystery/thriller films or just haven’t seen this film yet defiantly check it out I think all you guys will enjoy it.

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