Butterfly Kisses – Movie Review


Butterfly Kisses, the newest film from writer/directer Erik Kristopher Myers, is a tale of two stories. Taking inspiration from films like The Last Broadcast and The Blair Witch Project, Butterfly Kisses takes the found footage genre and adds its own spin.

Failed filmmaker Gavin York (Seth Adam Kallick), comes across a box full of old VHS tapes. The tapes depict two film students, Sophia Crane (Rachel Armiger) and Feldman (Reed Delisle), who began shooting a documentary 10 years prior, on local ghost story “Peeping Tom”, but for unknown reasons, are unable to complete their film. Gavin, believing that the two film students captured proof of the existence of the ghastly figure, attempts to recut the unfinished footage, in hopes of distributing the film for his own profit. In addition to the recut footage, Gavin begins shooting a documentary of his own, chronicling his efforts to finish the film and uncover the mystery behind the found footage and the original filmmakers, who seemingly vanished without a trace.


So I gotta admit, when I first turned the movie on and saw it was a dreaded “found footage” film, I let out an audible sigh. But I stuck it out and as soon as the film jumped to the 2004 footage of the “Peeping Tom” investigation, I was hooked. Butterfly Kisses, jumps back and fourth between the two scenarios seamlessly. While Sophia’s story is of filming the documentary on the local legend, Gavin’s story revolves around what is essentially post production, but eventually evolves into a mystery of its own, as he is unable to prove the existence of the people on the footage. Gavin becomes obsessed with the footage and begins to lose grip on his personal life, while seemingly everyone around him begins to doubt his credibility, including Eduardo Sanchez (director of The Blair Witch Project) who makes a brief cameo. The acting (which is usually a big drawback of the found footage genre) is really top notch here. All the characters, while not entirely fleshed out, are all believable in their respective roles. The cinematography is great, making use of “shaky cam” sparingly, which is very welcomed. The over all tone of the film is very eerie at times and you’ll find yourself analyzing later scenes, in search of the hidden “Blink”. There actually was a pretty good jumpscare, i knew it was coming and they still got me. “Peeping Tom” or “Blink” as you’ll come to know him, is very well done, always just out of focus or hidden in plain site, I look forward to learning more of the legend. Which brings me to my one real drawback of the film. The legend itself isn’t very fleshed out, I would’ve have like to no more about Tom. While the anticipation of Tom is creepy, i’m not sure what exactly i’m actually supposed to be scared of, other than when he catches you he’ll give you Butterfly Kisses….which makes your face itch…or something. Overall its a Fun film and a welcomed entry into the found footage films. Check it Out!

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