BI POLAROID – Narrative Short Review

BiPolaroid was written, directed by Douglas A Ewen. BiPolaroid is focusing on the real life symptom, Bipolar. And through this short film, which may not seem like a horror short, but possibly more of a narrative.

As we watch from beginning to end, we see the man taking some medicine or so it seems. Bipolar is one of those things where, we can change moods within just a snap of a finger and within that short time frame. Become, someone else entirely. The real question though is, are we really becoming something different? Or is that the way other people think about those with the condition?

BiPolaroid_MoviePoster_Ewen2 copy.png

We clearly see something going on, one minute this lady is getting ready for a photo shoot. Only, to become bloodied up and beaten to death with a camera. Then, right back to the “beginning” or was it just fabricated all along.

Who are really the Monsters of this world? How many different faces can one person possibly wear? The answer is unlimited, because each person who looks at someone differently can think of hundred’s of ideas of who, that person could be if given the chance.

BiPolaroid, tells the tale of a male who is seen as a “Monster”. Hint the fact or the slogan, “Everyone Wears A Mask”. How come bipolar people get seen as Insane people? Is it because like stated above, or is it simply the fact. There’s more than one person within them?

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