Interview: Todd Jenkins (Director) | Cherokee Creek

Cherokee Creek was released on December 25th 2018, originally coming out on Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, YouTube and Google Play. However within the evening of Christmas Eve, Amazon decided to pull the movie within a day of it’s release. After Todd Jenkins and his crew sunk so much money to advertise there movie coming onto Amazon, then getting it pulled is just a waste. According to Amazon, Cherokee Creek was pulled due to “offensive content”. What is so offensive about a Bigfoot Comedy Horror Film? And why is Cherokee Creek, being targeted almost as if it’s a hate crime.

The synopsis is has follows.
“What starts out as a million dollar trophy hunt at Cherokee Creek for the legendary Bigfoot, quickly turns violent when they realize that the mythical creature is more prepared and dangerous than they ever anticipated. Some weeks later, a group of friends decide to throw a surprise bachelor party for their friend in these very woods. After some wild partying and a few unexpected twists, our group finds out the truth about Cherokee Creek and the very territorial beast that roams these woods. Equal parts vulgar, gore and comedy Cherokee Creek is a can’t miss tale of debauchery and sasquatchian horror!”

Also make sure to read our review, because maybe somewhere I mentioned the “offensive content”. Because the only offensive thing about this film, are those butt pirates (piracy of illegal downloading) the film itself. Making Cherokee Creek slammed with trying to earn back money for there film that took three years of making.






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