“The Eynes Anthology” – 21 Days Left

The Eynes Anthology is closing in on 21 days (3 weeks) left for the Kickstarter campaign. With $3,066 / $4,500, that’s with 102 backers. So let’s get moving so the creators can give the backers more rewards for backing. This next paragraph is information taken from the actual Kickstarter page.

UPDATES: We have already added some SWEET rewards for everyone! These are extras we are running on our TwitterInstagram, and Facebook pages! (though a lot of them come from John’s Twitter, so follow him to be sure you see!)

Jeremiah pushed us over $1k – He gets a FREE original piece of art!

Crossed 50 backers on day one! – Everyone who backed int he first 24 hours get’s an extra print! SIGNED!

Trista pushed us over $2k – She get’s a FREE small commission!

50% funded by 2/4 – ALL Backers get a small signed print!

 New reward tier added!

You spoke, we listened! We have 20 copies of the book that will come signed by as many of the creators as we can get! Some are from all around the world!

This tier will come signed by: John Horsley, Casey Allen, Greg Smith, Clayton Hollifield, Michael Tanner, Joseph S-Pell, Rick Bugbee, Sabastian Varelo Baino, Kenric Regan, Kaylie Horsley, Travis Webb, and more to come!

Tessa and Paul had the chance to Interview John Horsley and Casey Allen regarding The Eynes Anthology. Hopefully you’ll back it and help get this book if not all FOUR Books made.




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