ALIEN Animated Film & More

According to the exclusive article from Observer, we could be getting a animated “R” rating film. While other rumors of getting not 1 BUT 2 Alien TV Series, which it sounds like one may drop on Hulu.

From what information is given, it could continue the story of Amanda Ripley from the successful game, Alien: Isolation. And joining the film adaption is none other than, Axis Animation, which also did the VFX work on the game, and could arrive as early as April. Observer was told the digital series may make its home on the Alien website, though that remains unknown at this time.


On January 24th, D3 Go! released there Alien: Blackout mobile game, fans were not happy and served as it was inspired by “Five Nights at Freddy’s” style mixed with Alien. Of course everyone raged about the fact how Isolation did so well that we weren’t getting Isolation 2 that this mobile game, was the sequel. However FOX came out and stated that Alien Blackout, was in fact NOT the sequel to 2014’s successor compared to 2013 disaster, Aliens: Colonial Marines.

You can see my game play for Alien: Blackout over here.


However, if those weren’t enough for Amanda Ripley. And yes, if you haven’t heard. Amanda Ripley is the future of Alien, game and book wise. It may also come into play with animated series, but what about live actions?

Before or around the same time of Alien: Blackout, we learned more comics were in the development and here are just some ideas. With or without Amanda Ripley.





We also got new items from Funko and Neca coming this year if there aren’t already out.

What are you guys waiting for? Also don’t forget ALIEN DAY is Friday, April 26th.

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