Say “No” to Reboots And Revamping

I figured it was about time to write an article on why some reboots and re-envisioning of some horror icons should just be left alone. Some can only be portrayed by the actors who brought them to life in the first place. Seeing them played by other actors just makes it weird like they are wearing a twisted skin suit of the character they are trying to portray but the essence just isn’t there. It becomes a train wreck leaving a bad taste in peoples mouths. Examples of some Horror icons that have had this happen are Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on elm street, Chucky from Child’s Play and Pinhead from Hellraiser especially. Some horror icons shouldn’t be revamped or rebooted and some cannot be portrayed by anyone but the actors who originally brought them into being.

I grew up watching Nightmare on elm street and always saw Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger. His essence breathed life into Freddy giving him life in my eyes.
It was Strange watching the remake of Nightmare on Elm Street first of all I was like “why would you remake such a classic?!” Secondly why the hell would you have Jackie Earle Haley who played Rorschach in The Watchmen play Freddy Krueger? I honestly debated about even watching the 2010 reboot at first. You know it’s not good when Robert Englund puts in his two cents why the reboot just failed.

I watched the remake just to see how terrible it really was and I was beside myself. I couldn’t wrap my head around it to me it just wasn’t Nightmare on Elm Street. It didn’t look like Freddy, they changed his face it just looked weird to me like the rebooted version of Freddy suffered from rot not burns. The cat and mouse elements weren’t there either, Freddy plays with his victims puts them in a state of fear make them believe in him before he kills them collecting their souls. Jackie didn’t portray the Boogeyman of our Dreams well at all, I wasn’t convinced. Freddy Krueger is one of my favorite horror icons as a fan I felt betrayed not by Mr. Robert Englund but by the fact that they rebooted such classic, casting someone else to portray Freddy. They should of just left Freddy be. Robert Englund is Freddy Krueger end of story.


Original Freddy Krueger                              Freddy Krueger Revamped 

    Robert Englund                                                      Jackie Earle Haley

Now onto Pinhead from Hellraiser again this is another example of a character who can only be portrayed by the actor who gave him life that man is Doug Bradley. The Hellraiser films are part of the horror collection I grew up watching like Robert Englund with Freddy, Doug Bradley is Pinhead he has this way of commanding your attention when he’s on screen. For he has such sights to show you. So naturally when I saw someone else playing Pinhead in Hellraiser Revelations (2011) at first I was like “what the hell is this now?” Watched it just to see like “how bad could it be?” Well…It was bad like terrible. They had two actors Jay Gillespie and Stephen Smith Collins I came to find out playing Pinhead in this film they both sucked pretty much they walked around in a pinhead shell no essence. Hellraiser Judgement (2018), Pinhead was played by Paul T. Taylor. What a letdown this film was as well became a battle between heaven and hell like biblically speaking a 10 commandments killer etc. Admittedly Hellraiser; Judgment was better than Hellraiser: Revelations. Still when it comes to Hellraiser films, Doug Bradley will always be Pinhead no one else can come close or match his energy. Now there’s word that there’s talk of remaking the entire Hellraiser franchise…WTF! LEAVE IT ALONE. Seriously it was amazing all the way up until Doug Bradley was no longer portraying Pinhead. Revelations and Judgement weren’t as good as I thought they could be. I wanted to give them both an honest try but found I just wasn’t into the “new and approved” Pinheads. I love my Classics way too much and because the real Pinhead wasn’t in the films I lost interest quickly.



                                                            Faces Of Pinhead


Even Doug Bradley doesn’t approve the talk of Hellraiser franchise being rebooted he has a Tee shirt that says so “Pinhead says No remakes please it’s a waste of good Celluloid” With Pinhead himself on the shirt. Mr Doug Bradley aka The original Pinhead rocking his tee design showing what he really thinks of remakes for Hellraiser.


As For Chucky from Child’s Play he was the first among many horror icons I was introduced to in the horror genre at a young age. I remember the killer Doll from my childhood woke up one night went to use the bathroom heard “Hi I’m Chucky wanna play?”coming from my living room downstairs. I went, sat on my stairs watching Chucky the killer Doll through my stair railing. Chucky was the first of many in horror I would come to know of. I look at what’s becoming of Chucky now I have to say “poor Chucky” has taken a turn for the worse as of recently. They have changed his appearance he doesnt look like the Chucky we all know and love at all.


Jennifer Tily aka as Tiffany the love interest to the killer doll from some of the Child’s Play films says to the recent development of the new Chucky. “#Not my Chucky” she wants nothing to do with the new Chucky film along with her doll counterpart Tiff. Ms. Tily Had this to say, “Tiff and I are gonna sit this one out.” Out of the mouth of Ms. Tilly herself reguarding the new chucky film in the works that’s not a good sign at all.



In conclusion to this article some horror icons should just be left alone. Stop trying to revive the franchise with a different actor or look. It’s unappealing and 9 times out of 10 turns into a utter disaster. You offend the actors who actually originally portrayed the iconic horror characters or those who would normally work alongside them. You morph these icons of horror into something us fans can’t believe we are seeing. Not to mention pissing off the fans. I can’t tell you how many times I shook my head and said “What the hell happened to some of my favorite horror icons from my childhood.” Such a shame. Just let these icons of horror rest in peace.


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