“Ghost Island: The Invitation #1” – Comic Review

We start the story off with a family trying to contact there dead son, the mother wants to do try anything for a seance that gives her the chance to say one last goodbye. However the husband doesn’t seem to thrilled that Marie, spent one hundred dollars on this kook. Which seems the seance man that was conducting it, seemed have become possessed.

From here it looks like a flashback, to when the son was murdered. It was a day out fishing with his father, but it seems the son knew to much of why his sister was crying at night. Because of that, the father drowned the kid.

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Ghost Island has a nice touch of nods to the black and white era mixed with the whole, you get invited to a secluded place that has a host and many or a few guests. It’s like House on Haunted Hill meets The Haunting.

Aside from the a drunken boat sailor. We have a few characters. Main protagonist Josh Evans, who seems to have a way of getting caught up on seances, while the main suspect behind his missing wife. Father and son, who has lost there wife/mother. One male reporter that seems to have a attitude, and does not like his female learner and a the host with his butler.

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It seems to take a left turn of what was stated above and now threw in something like Outlast, a runned down Asylum that was shut-down after investigations leading to experiments being done on patients. In which case, the host wants everyone to take part in helping to eventually open the Island to the public. While the characters involved, get a large sum of money.

Like in any of these kind of stories, there is someone that doesn’t want to take part in this “wasted attempt” of coming there. But, when a kid becomes curious they tend to wander and, well, hear things.


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